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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by MikeA57, Apr 3, 2011.

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    This will be the 2nd year that I've used Simazine 4L as a pre-emerge on my backyard and a back lot that I own that is basically just full of field grass. The back lot is 1.6 acres and the back yard is approx 1 acre. When I applied it last year I started in the back lot and covered it fine but by the time I got to the back yard I had enough to make 1 pass around the border of the yard and I was out.

    Last year I struggled to find precise mixing instructions on this product. I found application guidelines for fruit and nut crops, general cropland, Christmas trees, everything but just straight ahead lawn spraying. Last night I was poring over the label and I finally found instructions that stated mixing 1 to 5 quarts of the product in a 10-40 gal sprayer. That to me seems a little too general. Plus, it gives no indication of the best speed to apply this at to cover a specific area. Has anyone else used this product as a pre-emerge and know how to apply it so I can kill the weeds in my 2 areas but have enough to finish the job? Oh yeah, I'm pulling a 26 gal Femco sprayer behind my Ford CUT tractor and last year ran it at about 5 mph.


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    Mike I've got a 65 gal Femco boom sprayer with a 3PH & runs off my PTO. Most of the products that I've used state how much of the product per 1000 ft or how much per acre. I don't think it matters how you get it on there whether you use 1 gal or 100 gal, just don't apply more than the label calls for for the specified area.
    When I got my sprayer, I filled it with plain water & made several dry run applications paying attention to my ground speed & tank pressure. I just about have it down to a science now. Another thing that might help is using a spray marker. I don't use it much in the boom sprayer anymore as I have a good feel now as to how my coverage is. Helps quite a bit if you're spot spraying. Scott
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    How fast you go depends on how fast it comes out...

    Calibration, of a mix in order to apply 'X' amount of AI to 1000 sq. ft. is what you need to compute...
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    is simazine 4L safe on fescue grass.
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    No, No, No...and it's not even a true pre-emergent to the original poster. It does fry small hair room during the first three weeks of use. However it does NOT have the residual of barricade or dimension (6weeks Plus).
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    To figure amount of product they give pints qts or gals per acre. 1quart per acre = 3/4 ounce per thousand sq feet of turf it says 1 to 5 qts per acre so 3/4. To 3.5 oz per thousand sq feet. A 2.5 gal jug will cover from 10 acres at low rate to 2 acres at high rate. Don't know your grass but to hot you will smoke it. After 5 days or so it will turn white before your eyes. St Augustine. Grass will recover using up to 2ozs per k but you have to baby it along with nitrogen and liquid potash to get it to comeback.

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