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Approaching 2,000 Posts In One Day

Sean Adams

LawnSite Gold Member
LawnSite.com is quickly approaching a very significant milestone - 2,000 POSTS IN A SINGLE DAY!!!

Right now the site is averaging about 80 new posts EACH HOUR - about 1,900 posts each day. And LawnSite does not count Off Topic posts either!

Most forums that are industry specific (not general interest), especially this industry, do not generate as many posts in SEVERAL DAYS as we do in ONE SINGLE HOUR!

Also this month, LawnSite just surpassed over 35,000 unique visitors to the site in ONE SINGLE DAY!!!

As always, a big thanks goes out to our fantastic members and sponsors for making LawnSite.com the original, largest, and most visited site in the Lawn & Landscape Industry.

Gilla Gorilla

LawnSite Senior Member
Sean maybe I need to send you my address and info to make sure it is current because I did not get the Valentines day, 4th or July or Halloween bonuses either. LOL


LawnSite Silver Member
how bout some profitt sharing? or at least tell donovan to quit yankin the good pics!

Sean Adams

LawnSite Gold Member
funny you would say that...he emailed me a few days ago (the 5,000 guy) but think it was just my email address on a mailing list....responded and told him to check out our THIRD most popular site - weldingweb.com that in itself has already surpassed 5,000 members....as you would expect, no response yet


LawnSite Fanatic
dvmcmrhp52 said:
O.K., the question begs to be asked................

When do the Christmas bonuses go out?

shouldn't I get one of the biggest bonuses :):drinkup: