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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Magiccc, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Magiccc

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    What would be the most successful way of getting commercial customers? Around here, the businesses, the majority of them dont really care about their landscape, or they already do it themselves or with a company. The demand for lawncare is not too strong so I think i have to come up with something more complicated than a doorhanger or a flyer. I was thinking I should contact every possible commercial customer in person and present them my services. Your thoughts?
  2. gcbailey

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    What size commercial accounts are you targeting? Strip malls with islands to mow or factories with 10 acres?
  3. OP

    Magiccc LawnSite Member
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    I have workforce and gear for between 0,5-5 acres of land, so thatd be the ideal size
  4. Clean cut LLC

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    If you need an “in” you could find one of those business networking groups that need a lawn service. I know people that have done really well with it.
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  5. gcbailey

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    Most national chains around here have their work performed by subs for national companies. You can sign up on their website to be a sub if you so desire. (Brightview, Trugreen, Walgreen, Dollar General, etc....). I know the Wallyworlds, Sam's Clubs, etc.... around here are all serviced by a sub of a national company that travels about 1.5 hour away to do the work. So what I'm saying is a lot of times the local managers don't have a clue about who takes care of stuff, someone just shows up to do it.

    Your best bet is finding locally or regionally owned businesses. No clue where you'r'e from or what your population density is so....
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  6. BrendonTW

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    What size is your town?
  7. SJLandscapeCT

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    Local business and investors group will put you in contact with other business owners in your area. You can also just walk in and ask for the contact for the property manager then ask them if they are accepting bids for lawn care.
  8. starry night

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    Where did the OP go? Hasn't been on here since last Saturday.
    For better answers, we still need to know the size and type of his market area.
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  9. dieselss

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    It's the Bermuda triangle,,,,they ask and then are never seen from again.....
  10. LawnSite Fanatic
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    Happens all the time.
    I get to the point of not even bother answering questions sometimes.
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