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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Magiccc, Dec 29, 2018.

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    Your name looked familiar so I looked back at your other posts.
    You are in the EU, in Hungary.
    If you look at most people's name on here, they add a location. That is helpful and people will try harder to give better answers.
    Versus an anonymous name with no location or even a hint at the climate in your area.
    That said, what do most businesses do for advertising in your town?
    Online, news print, radio, billboards?
    If most of the commercial businesses in your area are smaller owner operator type places, then yes, go in to each one and show them how you can make their establishment look inviting to customers. Make up some nice pamphlets showing your work and what you can do for them.
    Good luck.
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    Some times barging in and asking to speak to the manager just works.

    Just be prepared for disappointment
    If they don’t care about their landscape in the first place , they’re not willing to spend much on it.
    Convincing them otherwise will take time, effort and patience.
    By the time you build them up to spending anything close to what they should, other guys will then want to bid on what you’ve built.

    It’s just how it works in this business
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  3. OP

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    Sorry guys, i went offline for the holidays, thanks for replies!
    Got some nice ideas from you guys.

    And yea Mow-daddy, Im from EU, HU.
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    LOTS of stopping by businesses and dropping off business cards. I always started with driving around on a rainy day with a note pad. Writing down all the names and addresses of the places I felt I could maintain. Then made a list on the computer of their names and addresses and sent out generic letters with my company logo on it. It worked....not a huge number of calls came in but I did get some clients out of it. I would send out a couple hundred letters per month.
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    Now do that with property managers (yes I know they can be a pain but you’d be surprised how much work they have locked up)
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    What is your method for getting contact info for property managers?
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  8. TPendagast

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    Well believe it or not, most of them are in the yellow pages.
    Additionally a lot of places actually have it written on a sign somewhere who the PM is especially if theres space up for lease or rent.

    But frequently you can just barge right into their office with your information, portfolio, whatever you want to drop off and ask to get on their bidders list.
    Just let them know what kind of work you do.
    When they need numbers they'll invite you to bid.

    It gets more complicated than that, but thats the jyst if it.
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    TP - our experience has not been great with property managers in our region. We would prefer a relationship with a facilities director who doesn’t shop you every year.

    We have had a couple PM over the years that we’re loyal and fair - definitely the exception not the norm.
  10. TPendagast

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    You got to start somewhere

    Until you have an established reputation , it’s rare to not get shopped every 1-3 years

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