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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Most in the Midwest will be in a heat wave starting this weekend for at least 5-6 days. Temps in the 90's, dew points in the 70's.

    I still have a number of Rd 3's to do yet. After tracking up a lawn with my PG (combination of stressed turf, lack of rainfall, and outbreak of asochyta leaf blight), I have become gun-shy of trying to app in borderline temps. Some of my Rd 3's I can just push back a few weeks as they are pretty clean lawns. There are a few that really should be done soon though.

    Question is this - is it ok to go out early AM's (say, before 10AM or so), and work a few lawns with dry fert and liquid weed control, knowing that the temps after that point will rise a fair bit beyond the general 85 degree breakpoint for stopping apps?

    Just to note - we were a little dry around here until today, which we got 2.5 inches of rain, so for the next few days we will not be dry.
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    Now that you have your rain, go out and do 14 or 16 hour days to get what yoy need done. If you explain your reasoning to anyone asking why you are spraying at 530 a or 730 p, they will likely appreciate your commitment. Or do your commercial accts in the odd hrs.
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    Nothing is 'actively growing' so I always consider thse midsummer apps to be for the purpose of the applicator to make money... N will leach or volitize b4 the plant ever uses it, just like the early Spring apps and weeds aren't really actively taking in any chemicals either, unless they're well watered, but even then...
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    i think youll find (at least i do ) it will become a little more predictable
    the properties u should/shouldnt go on in the heat

    full sun + no irrigation system + no hose or sprinklers visible = usually is a good sign to stay off the place in the heat of the day, or perhaps skip the visit if its enetering dormancy

    when the temps hit mid 90's and above here,
    i like to start real early and quit by 11-12

    things are dry here too, but nothing like last year- yet

    ive left a some heat tracks from ride-ons a couple times in the past,
    tends to grow out after a couple weeks with irrigation or adequate rain

    but the real ugly stuff i see is when a heavy ztr mower cuts a drought stressed
    full sun property early after noon in 90+ heat (usually with dull blades no less) -
    almost the whole place ive seen brown out
  5. RigglePLC

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    Heat tracks are highly unpredictable. Is anybody willing to try it on their own lawn? Say mow a strip during each hour of daylight during a high temp moisture stress period?
    If the grass is already brown--nothing to worry about. If its moist--no problem--but how moist does it need to be? And what kind of grass is most susceptible? Does it happen on Bermuda? Zoysia? St Auggie?
    How heavy is too heavy for a mower?
    Under what conditions is it predictable?
  6. fireman gus

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    I still haven't done Rd. 3 App. yet. Too hot. However I have been considering going out very early morning and working for 2-3 hours. If people can roof and bang hammers early my sprayer shouldn't bother anyone.
  7. pinto n mwr

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    let it buck, a person of your statue should know which yard(s) to do when you show up to them. If it is showing any signs of heat stress, don't do!
  8. GrandMaster

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    Wow you guys are weak! I spray all year long 50-100 deg f. If you water it in on a hot day i can use 1.5 lbs n and full 1.5 oz per k weed kill etc. Dont be scared.
  9. Young Bros

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    With all the rain/wind/high temps this year we are so far behind. We are still on round #2. I guess the 2nd year in a row we will leave $ on the table. :( We have been going out early & done by 11-12 in this heat wave. Mixing the fert lightly so we won't burn the lawns. Round #3 will probably be granular this year. Last year there was so much rain we did liquid round #3. First time we could do that. If I notice too much stress, we will switch to dry liquid.
  10. Young Bros

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    Switched to granular today. It is just too hot!

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