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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. rcreech

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    For you guys that are dealing with cool season grasses, how many apps do you apply, and what do the apps consist of?

    I only apply four apps which is:

    Spring fert w/ cg preventor
    Early Summer w/ broadleaf
    Late Summer/Early Fall w/broadleaf
    Early Winter fert

    Do you do many grub or insect apps or is this already in your program?
  2. rcreech

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    Forgot to add that I base my apps off of OSU and although I have had great success with this program, I was just curious to what programs you all were using and how you came up with the program you use.
  3. PR Fect

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    Creech, I think you will find that most applicators start with a program that is recommended by their state university like you did, or they are told of a program that works in their area by their product supplier. After that they tweek it to their very own program after years of experience. Things like product cost, customer base, weather, area soil conditions, local bug problems, availability of product, equipment required, labor needed, investment required, ect. all come into play. And only you can tell us that. PR
  4. americanlawn

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    Our full program consists of five app's per year. Most take all 5, but some take 4, 3 or 2. Grub prevent is also offered. So is fall aeration. We do not charge for surface insect control because it is rarely needed.

    Our program was put together by our land-grant university. It used to be a 4-app program, but round five was added later.

    1) pre plus fert
    2) fert + post + pre (if needed)
    3) fert + spot spray
    4) weed & feed
    5) winterizer

    Our program varies depending upon the needs of the lawn we treat

    By the way, we utilize the expertise of OSU for many of our needs. Fine university.

    Some locals sell six and even seven (the 7-app guys are familiar to all of us across the Country)
  5. RigglePLC

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    i learned at T Green. Back when they did 5 apps. A sixth app for about 20 percent is grub control.
    Feed with crab
    Feed weed--optional grub
    Feed weed

    We do a few November treatments at customer request.
  6. MStine315

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    Mine's the same as American's to the letter. Grub control is sold as needed and I do try to double dip with R2 or R3, but if it doesn't work out, I just use 0-0-7 as a carrier. When I started out 10 years ago I sold a 4 app. program, and many are still on that., but I have gone to 5 as a base. I still get a lot of country lawns that only get 1, 2, or 3 apps. With the 6 and seven app. companies out there, 5 is a pretty easy sell.
  7. rcreech

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    What does double dip mean?
  8. MStine315

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    I do the grub app. and the R2 or R3 app. with a fert./Merit product...1 pass, 2 bills. A common practice in my experience, but only if they're due for the fert. app. Like I said otherwise I use straight Merit.
  9. FdLLawnMan

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    I attended a seminar at the University of Wisconsin this past year and my application program was just what they recommended. I based it in Purdue's recommendation's and think I provide the just what the lawn needs for our area.

    Step 1
    Lifeguard from Lesco which is Dimension in a WSP form. No fert because I am convinced it is to early for fertilizer
    Only a few of my customers take this program
    Step 1b
    I apply the Lifeguard only within feet of hard surfaces, sidewalks, driveways, etc.
    25% take this step
    Step 2
    Starting May I apply a blanket application of weed control. Momentum or Three Way. Everyone gets this one.
    Step 3
    Starting May 20. 32-0-10, 75% slow release. Everyone gets this.
    Step 4
    Starting around Labor Day. 24-0-11, 50% slow release. about 2/3 get this step.
    Step 4b
    The customers who don't get the 2 fall applications of fertilizer get 32-3-8. 30% slow release sometime from mid September on.
    Step 5
    Starting around September 20th I apply a blanket application of weed control. Momentum or Three Way.
    Step 6
    Around the time the grass stops growing I apply 46-0-0.

    I can get by without automatically applying a pre-emergent as we don't have the crabgrass problems up here that I think you have in Ohio. I don' see the advantage of applying fertilizer in the summer because it is usually somewhat dry. When I get a customer from either TruGreen or Spring Green that is one of the things they complain about. The complain about them applying something when the grass is brown.

    Mike I
    Mike's Total Lawn Care
  10. NattyLawn

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    Damn....I do too much work for the amount of loot I bring in.

    Early spring: Straight fert, CGM or Chem pre-em
    Mid Spring: Pesticide free or chem weed control
    Mid Spring: Soil booster
    Late Spring fert
    Summer Stress Reliever
    Summer grub and insect
    Early Fall fert
    Fall BWC
    Fall Soil Booster
    Late Fall Fert

    Additional services:
    HumAmend or BioGranules
    Slice seeding
    Soil amendments after soil analysis

    Our services are a la carte, meaning the customers can choose what they want, but I do make recommendations.

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