April's shot....gonna be an off year

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    I’m sorry to hear how hard it’s been on the folks up north. Here in NE Florida it’s been slow getting started but not a bust. It has been colder than normal so the grass isn’t growing like usual by now, but I am mowing and its picking up as I suspect the weather should be normal by the end of the month.
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    Is this actually rare for Minnesota?
    I mean you’re fairly far north and a pretty well known snow state?
    The thing about snow is it’s good for someone else
    Someone is plowing it
    It’s water for the reservoirs
    It’s lateness affects insect population and timing
    So typically it will come around and bring more work in another way.

    Hoas however will have less money because they blew it on snow budget
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    Practice explaining how snow is good because moisture is great for grass. Drought is the main cause for loss of turf in your town. And how freezing and thawing loosens the soil, aerating it, allowing roots to go deeper. Grass this year will look better than last year. The cold will be killing grubs and billbugs. Explain how crabgrass dropped millions of seeds last year. And how crabgrass control will last longer if it is applied later in the season--as long as the soil remains cold crabgrass does not sprout early.
    Mention how you use a liberal (or increased) amount of potash--which will reduce the chance of disease and build resistance to cold.
    This is explained in your handout included with your invoice, right?

    Be ready to take advantage of any opportunity. Sod for plow damage repair. For instance, seeding of a salt resistant grass along driveways and walks. Salt tolerant like AppleSGL.
    Be ready to respond to people who think their grass is too brown and needs to be power raked, (meaning they are ready to spend money.). Try not to power rake--because it is too labor intensive, especially if you remove the debris. Aerate the lawn, and/or overseed. Maybe add a special fertilizer with high potash, iron and micronutrients--stimulate the lawn to recover.
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  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Wasn't worried that we were in any sort of drought anyway, there was already ample moisture there without this latest dumping.
    I'm just ranting.....gotta bear with me:)
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    April snows to the extent of the last two we've had are really pretty rare. Been doing this for 10 years and other than the big snow we got early May in 2013, its never been this cold or snowy in April at all. Most seasons I am dethatching right now, and looking into staring pre apps. That is the rule not the exception. This year is the exception.
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    I feel the same way. In Maryland we get heavy snow winter every few years. Yet every year I see trucks driving around with brand new plows and snow equipment. That same equipment is for sale on craigslist the following Spring.
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    Sad. So upset. This type of late-snow year is very difficult for suppliers like Siteone. They have an April sales quota to meet. Drop by your local supplier. If their warehouse is stacked to the ceiling with fert and crabgrass control, its so difficult for them. If you could not get a toothpick more into their warehouse, be sympathetic.
    On the other hand...make them an offer they cannot refuse...say 75 percent of the price they wanted last week.

    Also, business wise, keep busy with your sales efforts. Not fun exactly, but snow days are fine for hand passing brochures. If you have a city directory, address a bunch of letters. Send a sales brochure to the houses on the left and right of your present customers.

    And/or admit you have a snow situation. Hand pass special brochures. Have a big snow week sale. Offer some kind of incentive or freebie for new sign-ups. Free first round. Free guaranteed crabgrass control. Free soil test (perhaps done in-house). Free iron treatment. Free organic fert ap. Half price grub control.

    Mailings may not be quick enough for this. Radio has a low response rate, but their salesman can create a commercial for you in an hour or two.
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    Yay! It's February.....er.........I mean April! o_O

    Not to worry, Spring is just around the snowdrift! :confused:
  9. kinneberg lawn service

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    More snow for wed looks like another 3in
  10. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Yeah tell me about it...hoping the track shifts and we get as little as possible. Right now, honestly, I cannot see mowing before the 2nd or 3rd week of May. Ouch.

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