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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by robert payer, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. robert payer

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    :help: Our company is considering creating an aptitude test. This test will allow us to understand the amount of industry specific knowledge that the applicant has. :cool2:

    What questions would you put on the test for a full service lawn maintenance company? I have listed a few.
    What would you include???

    Multiple choice
    Roundup is a-
    A) Non-selective herbicide :waving:
    B) selective herbicide
    C) Product used to revitalize a dying plant. :p

    The ideal mulch depth for plant heath is-
    A) 1-3 inches :waving:
    B) 4-6 inches
    C) Just a dusting for color. More than that has little effect for the plant. :p

    True or False
    Roundup should be used when treating lawn weeds in healthy turf?
    True or False :waving:

    Almost anyone can fill a lawn mower operator position. It requires a low level of skill and needs very little constant attention.
    True or False :waving:

    The purpose of this test is for when you have applicants who ask for a lot of money. They say they have so much experience. Later you find out how little they know. You find that you are grossly over paying them. It also helps them to realize how little they may know. :dizzy:
  2. K.Carothers

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    How many tons of gravel= 1 yard?

    Whats the mathematical equation for this formula?

    Good thread! I'm sure it will challenge all of us! :realmad:
  3. walker-talker

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    Did your mother tie your shoes this morning?
    True or False

    Can you feed yourself?
    Yes or No

    Yes.....new help can be that bad!!

    Seriously, go to the manual for the pesticide test. The manual that our state uses, has multiple answer question at the end of each chapter.
  4. DLS1

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    True/False questions could be subjective depending on your experience.

    The above question could be true or false depending on your skill level.
  5. kickin sum grass

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    I have been doing this for years. My test is very generic but it gets to a few questions that will tell you what you need to know. I will attach it and then we all should come up with a nice test that we all can download and use.

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  6. tiedeman

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    good ideas everybody. Another thing to consider, which I did in the past, is have a once a month evaulation on the employee. If they fail it they have two weeks to improve themselves, and in those two weeks if they don't improve they are let go. Nothing lites a fire more than a two week warning until termination if they don't improve.
  7. dagr8bilster

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    Should rotors and spray heads be on the same zone? Why or why not?

    List the steps to successfully plant a B&B tree or shrub.

    What is the standard width for a driveway to accommodate 1 vehicle?

    List at least 3 plants that would not be suitable for around a pool?

    What is the difference between a broad leaf evergreen and a true evergreen?

    What is the difference between between an annual and a perennial?

    List at least 2 popular turf varieties for this region and at what height should they be mowed.

    Describe three suitable locations for using ground cover.

    How do you determine the square footage for a square or rectangular yard or bed?

    List the steps for proper sod installation.

    How often should the following newly planted material be watered:
    a. Trees and shrubs-
    b. Sod-
    c. Annuals and Perennials-

    How many inches of base material is required for installing a paver stone walkway? /a driveway?

    Where is the pressure point for slowing down blood loss for a severe leg injury? /arm injury?

    What is a pre-emergent?
    What time(s) of year is a pre-emergent going to be most effective?
  8. grasswhacker

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    Just make sure you don't put the waving smiley faces by the right answers.:waving:
  9. jsf343

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    hahahahahaha:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: too funny!!

    will you show up for work?
    yes or no

    do you shower at least 1 time a week?
    yes or no
  10. topsites

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    May I suggest tuning your methods to match perhaps your own experience with people in general, that is to say since you've learned how most folks who talk a lot are generally not all that, take things from there.

    While an aptitude test helps a bit, it won't take long before word of mouth has its way with you, it does that to me with pre-screening... Seems like no matter what I come up with, it doesn't take long before someone finds a way to circumvent that, so I find using the ole horse sense time and again becomes invaluable.

    Because once they learn the answers, it's like here we go all over again, so just a test in and of itself is so-so, but me thinks you'll be just fine... Likely you're as well off remembering those key 'red flag' phrases that you should be getting familiar with hearing, and read between their lines is what I'm saying.

    I disagree, I think that regardless of whether or not you've cut 1 or 5,000 lawns, you should always pay the most attention when operating agricultural machinery.

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