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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Billpa, May 17, 2005.

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    I’m going to be bidding on a couple water features and I’m planning on using Aquascapes products. I know there are other options but for now just to keep it simple and to have tech support I’ll stick with one company.

    My question is how do the Aquascape figures for material and labor work for you guys that have been constructing ponds and stream beds with their system, do they have it figured pretty close for an experienced pond builder? My new guy says he thinks the labor figures come in way to low using Aquascapes calculations

    Also how much longer do you think it would take a crew of three guys that have little experience in pond building? I’m thinking it would take us at least 30% longer. There will be 3 of us during construction. I’ve only played around with a couple very small homeowner ponds, my new guy says he has around 20 ponds under his belt and I believe this will be the helpers first time but he’s a big boy so he’ll be good for the grunt work.

    Any comments, feedback, suggestions would be appreciated


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