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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by FoxDen, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. FoxDen

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    I have been researching ponds and am thinking of trying one at our shop first to see how it goes. I keep getting catalogs from Aquascape Designs. They want me to attend a seminar and it seems like a lot of money. Are they a good reputable company with a decent product??? Or does Home Depot have good stuff too??? Gotta ask the dumb questions I guess..
  2. Ken Kesey

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    Forget about HD. That's a do it yourself homeowner store with poor selections and products for installing ponds.

    Stay with Aquascapes.

    Learn their products, attend a seminar, they're fun! Plus you get taught how to do and price the work.

    This is a great opportunity for you to expand your business. Well worth the money.

    Check out their website:
  3. Mats

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    >Stay with Aquascapes.
    >Learn their products, attend a seminar,

    I went to their website to get seminar info and can't find it. It may be on the Wholesale page but I can't access that page without registering. To register I need a Federal ID # which I don't have. Do you know where the seminar info is on their website?
  4. TheGrassGuy

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    I have attended Aquascape seminars and have installed the equipment. I found it to be quality parts and an informative seminar. The support is also good when something goes wrong.
  5. adavisus

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    Most ponders I ever came across like improvising and doing the pond of their dreams in their own way, maybe for plants, for fish... They often end up a bit muddled at the planning stage, or breezing it if they do their research and finding out what is 'doable'

    There are some excellent of sources where opinions and experience can be compared...

    Visiting water garden nurseries, joining the message board, message boards at yahoo and msn for koi and water gardening will quickly enlighten you on what the 'market' thinks about Aquascape, as against other choices

    Don't forget, a great pond does not have to have a lot of mechanical gizmo's or be expensive to be quite spectacular... There are a lot of ponders out there who never went anywhere near 'proprietry' brands and created water gardens way out of that orbit, at a much better price

    Me, I like tinkering with hardy and tropical waterlilies, I make ponds any size and shape I like, typically 50'x20' nowadays, I doubt any of them cost more than a $100 to do or a month to make (using Lowes 6mil liners lol), maybe one day I'll look at Aquascape bits and bobs when I get round to tinkering with koi a little more

    That day could be a loooong way off

    Regards, andy

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