Aquascape Pondless waterfalls

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by The Lawn Boy Pro, Sep 19, 2003.

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    I took the "how to sell ponds" seminar about a month ago and think that it was money well spent. I will be attending the "Build a pond" day class as well. I have never built a pond and learned alot from them. Education is alway money well spent. Its not only the class its making associates at the class and learning things form people that have installed these.
    Good luck.:D
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    I just attended a build a pond day in Fort Meyers Fla. The soil wasn't as hard to dig as it is in glacier country, but other than that, I've got to say the system really works.
    We had a mini pond and waterfall installed in 6 hrs.
    It would be faster with a few less guys, (we were all getting in eachothers way).
    Brad from Driftwood Gardens and Dave were very knoledgable and gave lots of direction and feedback.
    i think it was a very good value, and helped me with some decisions for the uncertain future of lawn maintenance.
  3. Q-Team Inc

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    How many guys were there? And how big was the pond?
  4. Ax Man

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    There were 10 guys, so we were dodging shovel blades and waiting in line to get rocks to place.

    The pond was 8x11 and the waterfall /stream was about 10 feet long, 2 foot drop.

    Funny, the highest thing in Florida is an overpass, so a 2 foot drop looks pretty impressive.
    We used a 3000 gallon pump, which made for a nice 24 to 30 inch wide stream.

    I'm now waiting for the how to succeed dvd, and then I guess I'll order the package with videos and bible.

    The guys took it a little beyond basic, with lots of talk on the design concepts what rocks to place where and why. Eco system and sales.
    Down there they get 7500 for a pond that size.
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    Ax man
    Thanks for the info. I'm going to the build a pond day in a few weeks here in Maine.

    I heard the highest peak in Florida was space mountain @ Disney!!!

    At the Starting a water pond class I took already I talked to some installers that have put in ponds already. They were at the class trying to gain more knowledge and the average for a 11 X 16 pond without landscaping was around 6K without falls.
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    undefinedIs there an alternative to using the over priced black thingies in the gravel? I'm thinking of using plastic 55 gallon drums with holes, cutting the lid off for acess to the pump for a pondless waterfall. Any thoughts on this? Also do I need the top filter waterfall box? What size pump should I use for a 6 foot drop? Is pump noise ever a problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated! :help:
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    Yes, that will work. That's how we did it. See this thread for more information.....

    I agree, the AquaScape ones are WAY overpriced. I love the idea, but I can make something that works just as well for 1/4 the price.

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