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    I did a search on the forum and I only saw one reference to this product. When I was in College they were just getting started (called aquazorb, now called Zeba....horrible name for marketting if you ask me) and they had someone come to my business class and give a speech about starting a business but at the same time managed to pitch the product they had.

    Seemed like a good idea, but I didn't give it a TON of thought becuase we recieve more than enough rain on the Oregon Coast. But now that I live in Central NC I'm thinking this would be a pretty amazing product.

    Has anyone used it it here and have anything to say about it? I notice they carry it at a few agriculture stores around here but it seems that they sell very little to none as they don't have any in stock.
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    The core technology of Zeba was developed by William Doane during his 30 years with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). During this time, he led a USDA staff that successfully developed key scientific breakthroughs and patents in starch-based superabsorbent technologies. Dr. Doane holds 45 patents and is an inductee in the Agricultural Research Service Science Hall of Fame. While retired from his USDA duties, he remains an active advisor to ATI.

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