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    Help! I've got a customer that wants me to remove 3 emerald green arborvitae(sp) from along his driveway. They are 12-15 feet tall. No problem as far as removing. But I don't have a clue as to what to charge him. He also wants me to plant new ones to replace them. Problem is i can only get 4-6 ft ones. I can get them for like $30 a piece. But I really don't know how much to charge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    30.00 x 3 1/2 = 105.00 ea for removal-----315.00
    (includes hauling)

    Stump grinder is the preferred method for clearing the hole for re-plants
    Stump grinder rental = 100.00

    2.00 per inch to grind Lets say each is at 12" diameter that is 24.00 per stump to grind = 72.00

    30.00 x 2 1/2 = 75.00 each installed= 225.00



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