Arbor Vitae hedge removal.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by gardenkeeper88, Sep 2, 2010.

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    I have a hedge of arbor vitae (tecny variety I believe.) there are 21 planted on about 3.5foot centers, They are now about 12' tall. I have never removed this tall or many. About how long do you thik it will take to remove them with a Bobcat? Also I was thinking about about cutting them off to about 4' first and hooking a chain around them to pull them out. Is this best way? any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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    As long as you leave some of the stick sticking up like you said the leverage should help pull them out.
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    You are going to have to have a pretty big Bobcat. What if you just ground out the stumps? I mean, 12' tall Techny are basically like a tree at that point in time.
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    If you can get a bobcat in and your not super worried about a mess you drive in push the tree over somehwhat to help break up roots then take forks slide them together and push them under to rootball and drive forward then try to pry them up. It takes some moving around and hard to explain but the pop right out. You should be able to pop one out move it to where your dumping it and be back on the next every 10 min. If you dont have askid and you are renting one then rent a mini ex. with a thumb. Reach over the plant dig the bucket down the side of the rootball 3/4 of the way or so and close the thumb and bucket at the same time. Its faster and easier.

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