Arborist/Horticulturist position at a Zoo?


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im going back back to school next month to finish my dgree in horticulture. i was approached today about if i would be interested in applying for a Arborist/Horticulturist position at our local zoo. (Audubon Zoo & Park).

i have really been giving the idea alot of thought. i really think it would be a great learning expeirence while i finish my degree. would give me the opportunity to really get some hands on expeirence on large scale landscapes, and to help care for 1000s of tree, including some 100+yr old Oaks.

i would keep my current lawn accounts to cut on Saturdays.
any opinions?

here is a small part of the job despription.
The Arborist position within Audubon Zoo and Park ensures the health, safety, and welfare of our guests and staff as well as our property as pertaining to our tree collection. Additionally, they are responsible for the maintenance of our collection of ancient oaks and are responsible for planting trees for future generations of New Orleanians to enjoy from the River to St. Charles Avenue.


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sounds great, but if you are the head, i would think you better know your stuff to care for that much


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I would do it for the experience and you could wind up loving it, stay there, get benefits, retire with pension.

And keep a few side accounts for saturdays until you retire. Then add a few more.


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It would be a great opportunity. I'd say go for it. Unless you like where you are and where your heading with your business. I am guessing it would be a full time job,

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Wow, the DO have trees. Do you have that much experience in arboriculture?