Arborjet invites america to join the “million tree challenge” this arbor day

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    2013 Is the Year Preventative Tree Treatments Can Save One Million Trees

    Woburn, MA – April 25, 2013 – Arborjet, a company that develops remedies for some of the world’s most destructive tree insects and diseases, invites municipalities and homeowners from coast to coast to join together this Arbor Day to become part of the “Million Tree Challenge™” and help save one million American trees.
    Invasive tree pests like the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) are wreaking havoc on America’s urban forests and have destroyed over 60 million ash trees to date, but there are effective ways to prevent this destruction. By joining the “Million Tree Challenge,” America’s cities and homeowners can work to save more trees from early demise.
    To mark the commencement of the “Million Tree Challenge,” Arborjet is donating trunk injection treatments to protect 50 of the most highly-valued trees in Kansas City, a Tree City USA community, from EAB. The public is invited to join Arborjet; the Greenway Fields Homes Association; and Bret Cleveland of Urban Tree Specialists at 10:30 A.M. on Saturday, April 27th at Strawn Park (63rd Street and Valley Road) in Kansas City, Missouri, for the first symbolic treatment, along with a demonstration of the trunk injection technology, during the Greenway Fields Tree Census and Arbor Day Celebration (10 A.M. to 1 P.M.).
    In 2012, over 850,000 trees were protected against tree pest attacks via quick acting, long lasting trunk injection treatments from Arborjet. In addition, the rescue of these trees also had a significant economic impact, saving the United States an estimated total of $714 million-- $612 million in tree removal and replacement costs, and an annual tree benefit value of $102 million in storm water runoff, property value, energy savings, and air quality (per the National Tree Benefit Calculator).
    “As an environmentally responsible treatment, trunk injections cost significantly less than removing and replacing mature trees and help preserve the environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits trees bring to us all,” said Russ Davis, President and COO of Arborjet. “Our hope is that by declaring the “Million Tree Challenge™,” we can encourage everyone to help save one of our country’s most treasured assets, our trees.”
    How Tree Trunk Injection Works:
    Used by forward-thinking municipalities and certified arborists nationwide to ensure the trees in America’s urban forests and neighborhoods remain beautiful now and in the future, the appropriate formulation dose is injected directly into a tree’s vascular system and moves quickly to the target area. Unlike spraying and soil drenching, tree trunk injections are sealed in the tree, limiting environmental exposure. Nothing is placed into the air or soil at the time of injection. The active ingredient keeps working through the tree's vascular system, providing long lasting protection. There is even one injectable treatment available that protects trees against 25 different insect species for up to two years and can stop damage if a tree is currently under attack.

    About Arborjet
    Founded in 1999, Arborjet’s mission is to provide the most effective and environmentally responsible formulations and equipment to promote overall plant health care and to preserve our natural and urban forests. The company is committed to researching and developing remedies for the world’s most invasive pest insects and diseases to support arborists and enable them to safely treat near waterways and highly populated areas. Arborjet’s products are for both residential and commercial application and are distributed throughout the United States. Arborjet is headquartered in Woburn, MA. To learn more about tree health products provided by Arborjet visit

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