ArborSoftWorx Software Suite Addition

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    ArborSoftWorx Software Suite Addition

    Creative Automation Solutions, Inc has added a new product to the ArborSoftWorx suite of Management software.

    June 25, 2013: Woodstock, MD–Creative Automation Solutions, Inc. (CAS) ArborSoftWorx has launched a new product offering in it’s suite of software management tools. ArborSoftWorx Earth Resources GIS (ERGIS) is a cost effective, comprehensive, easy-to-use Geographic Information System designed for biologists, ecologists, hydrologists, farmers, foresters, petroleum engineers, and land use planners who might not have any training in GIS.

    Mr. Mark A. Smith, President said: “The decision to add ERGIS to the ArborSoftWorx suite was simple. It is a logical fit for our organization that offers solid database management software for the trees in our backyard with “ArborSoftWorx Commercial” offering companies Business Management tools; comprehensive inventory management of the the trees in our community and Urban Forest with “ArborSoftWorx Green Asset Manager” - the addition of ERGIS let’s our users analyze and manage the Forest as well.”

    ArborSoftWorx ERGIS offers Powerful, Easy-To-Use GIS Functionality without the requirement of costly 3rd party GIS or CAD software such as ESRI, MapInfo, or AutoDesk. View and edit a wide range of vector and raster data layers, including support for enterprise GIS database layers. Detailed control over map appearance including colors, labels, fills, line syles, point symbols, thematic classifications, sublayers, and layer heirarchies. Display attributes at the feature level or for the entire layer at once. Custom map output and export.

    Over 3000 coordinate systems are supported including all UTM zones and US State Planes systems with on-the-fly projection of vector and raster layers.

    Complex Shape Editing allows for vertex editing, snapping and multipart shape creation. Undo and redo edits. Copy and paste shapes. Union and split shapes. Subtract and drill polygons. Export and merge layers. Full 3-D viewing interface allows for the draping of raster and vector layers over DEMs, flood simulation, and the display of 3-D vector shapes.

    Natural Resources Specific Functionality include auto-update of Acres/Hectares with each polygon edit. Search for township, range, and section in a US Public Land Survey System layer. Display live GPS locations on the map. Generation of sampling points within a specified area. Editing tools for the preservation of coincident area boundaries. Plot simple property deeds or layout a precise cruise course. Zoom to input latitude and longitude. Plot the azimuth and distance from a specific point. Buffer and clip vector features.

    Visit their website: to learn about all the new features in this release, or send inquiries to . Current user’s should contact ArborSoftWorx technical support via e-mail: to schedule their upgrade.

    About Creative Automation Solutions, Inc.

    Established in 1983, Creative Automation Solutions, Inc. provides engineering design and system integration, factory Industrial Automation and machinery fabrication, Office Automation, IT, and Computer Services in the U.S. Domestic and International markets.


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