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    Hey just wanting to get a feel out there about what to mark-up for Emerald Green Arborvitae? I planted 3 today and was at least figuring double the price and time? Thought and critisisim and adavice???:dizzy:
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    Depends on how you make your money.

    We don't mark up at all, because we base our profit off an hourly basis for earned income.

    Some folks derive their income from labor and markup.

    If customers dont' see individual plant prices, but just a single estimate, you can charge anyway you want.

    If 10 landscapers each need to make $3000 on the same type or project, it wouldn't matter how they dispersed the costs, as long as they make their three grand.
  3. AGLA

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    As much as you can as long as you can still make a sale.

    My standard reply question to this often asked question is "should you find the highest price nursery so that you can make more money?"

    I'm guessing that you can probably find a price range where you could by one at half the price at one nursery than at another one. If that is the case, how can someone reasonably tell you that you should be able to double the price from what you paid? Did you buy it at the lowest wholesale price or at the highest retail price? We don't know, and you may also not know.

    A 5-6' Emerald Green Arborvitae wholesales at $61 at the cheapest nursery in my area. I'm guessing that they may retail less where you live. All I'm saying is that there is a lot that effects the price you pay and there is way more that effects the price you can get in the marketplace besides what you pay.

    One landscaper can charge twice as much as another and still get the job based on reasons other than price. Value comes in many forms. Reputation and clientel have much more to do with what you charge than what you pay for something. When both are high you can charge a lot. If one or the other is lacking, you just won't make the sale because either the client does not want to pay that much or the client would rather pay someone who is more established with a good reputation that much instead.

    There is no standard price.
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    they are extremely overpriced here in the local nurseries and home depots... theya re very popular for some reason even though i cant stand them.. $70 at homedepot and my landscaping nursery sells them for about 30 (5-6 ft)

    as long as they can go in with a shovel in a matter of minutes ill charge 60-70 per plant installed. I saw one LCO advertise in the paper 5 installed for xx.xx im thinking i can do that next year and make a lot of money if someone wants 5 planted i can make $150-200 in an hour and most people use them as privacy fencing and want 10-20 at a time
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    Emerald Arborvitaes are consider one of the best looking Landscape Tree/Shrub.....My suppliers has 10 Gallons @ $49.99, and I charge $135 Deliveried and planted......and digging in this red clay we have here in Georgia, I probably should be charging more.....We have planted about 35 Arborvitaes so far this year......I include them in every Landscape make over, and all new installs......Planted 25 Leyland Cypress Trees today as a border between to huge back yards.....Took us 3 days to get them all down and aligned correctly.....but it looks really good......even caught the builders attention who is building the neighborhood, as he came over to check out the work and ask me for a card and my nextel DC.......But I usually mark up 100%.....If a tree cost me $50, I charge at least $100 depending on the customer and the area.....
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    TJ - got some pics of the cypress install? Would love to see how that looks. How old and how tall are they?
    Al - I'm with MDV on this one. I prefer to estimate the total cost then figure in the markup and roll the whole thing into one bill.

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