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Arctic Plow Oil Recomendation


LawnSite Member
I recently bought an Arctic plow with under the hood pump. I am having some trouble with it not wanting to raise very fast but only after I have plowed 4-5 driveways and pump is warm. I am using snow plow oil (no name brand). Does anybody think its my oil brand or something more problematic? Any help would be appreciated.


LawnSite Member
Ontario Canada
In my OLD arctic underhood pump I run GM ATF fluid. Which I understand is the recommended fluid. It gets changed a couple of times a winter and I also add (have never seen this recommended) a teaspoon of gasline antifreeze. This is a trick that told to me by an old gent that has used arctic equipment for many years and has had great luck with them.


Deere John

LawnSite Senior Member
Yep - Dextron III is what we used most recently in the Arctics we used to own. Never an oil-related problem. If your pump is mounted under the hood, go with this oil. The engine will warm it up. A thinner oil in an under-the-hood pump will accelerate wear as the engine really bears some heat to the pump.

If the pump is under the front bumper and away from the heat, you could go to a thinner grade of hydraulic oil. Visit your local bulk plant and chat them up. A 20 litre pail is not too much to buy at one time. You've go a good, simple and reliable plow. The monarch pumps are available on a re-built- exhange basis for about $400. I never fixed them if there was a problem, just boom, new rebuild and all better