Are all '77 firewalls the same?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mike reeh, Dec 6, 2000.

  1. mike reeh

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    Say I had a 77 K10 with factory no-AC.. And say I also had another 77 K10 WITH factory AC... If I removed the entire setup from the AC vehicle, would it bolt up to the non-AC truck?

    It seems like a no-brainer but I do know that when dealing with a '70 chevelle/elcamino, the firewalls are different, in other words it will not just bolt up..

    Chuck Id like your input on this one.. thanks again everyone

    mike reeh

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yes the firewalls are punched out the same the out box in the engine compartment and the box in the cab are diferent.
    just bolt everything up ...glad it's you and not me . i would have went with an aftermarket unit...less peicies and hassle,,,,good luck
  3. 3/4tonTodd

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    I know this is totally off subject, but here goes.

    I knew a guy in Chicago who was rebuilding a 67 Camaro (I was dating his sister then). His aunt was dating a guy that ran a company that built bulletproof cars. The guy building the Camaro mentioned that he needed a new firewall and he ended up getting a 1/4" stainless steel, bulletproof (I mean literally bulletproof!) firewall for $20. Talk about a nice dressup for an engine compartment!!

    Anyway, good luck on your swap!

  4. mike reeh

    mike reeh LawnSite Member
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    3/4tontodd: thats pretty awesome! Stainless steel (polished) looks so nice..

    Bushmaster: the thing is, I want a stock setup.. the truck that will be getting the stock setup (originally heater-only) actually HAS an aftermarket setup but I dont like it one bit... Plus I dont like the interior look of a non-ac custom deluxe.. the completed truck will be a silverado with cheyenne tags

    BUT--- I swear I remember checking a heater-only truck once, and the heater core pipes were in a different location, and there were no "knock outs" for the holes in the other location, if it were an AC truck. If memory serves, it was a '73 blazer that was heater-only.. maybe there was change from 73 to 77 but it seems somewhat unlikely.. then again 73 was the first design.. Dunno. anyone have a 77 (or so) heater-only truck that can take a pic of the engine compartment?

    thanks again all

    mike reeh

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    when i had my 78 c10 "whitch the cab is the same....the outlet for the heater hose is in the same place the evaprator core box goes over or under "i have forgot" the heater core tubes are still in the same place the heater core use with the a/c unit is diferent because the tubes off the heater core are longer to reach out from the ac box.
  6. Captkaos

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    The firewalls between A/C and non A/C trucks are NOT the same. The holes are different and in different locations. The heater cores are different, and come out in different locations. If you want to put the A/C unit on, you will have to weld up the firewall and redrill/cut-out the hole for the A/C.
    Here is what a stripped A/C firewall looks like:

    I can't remember where I put the pic of the non-A/C firewall. But where the HUGE rectangular hole is is where the non A/C heater hoses come out, and over by the round hole is where the A/C heater hoses come out. Trust me on this. The Cabs from 73-87 were all the SAME with only minor changes. Structurally they are the same with only extra holes or extra "splash" panels on them. I have pics of the differences. I have owned 73, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, and 86 model years. I currently have (2)73's (1)75 (1)78 (1)80 (1)82 and (1)86

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