Are all clients morons or just some

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Tripeaks L M, Jul 16, 2006.

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    So I have this lady and she had me do a spring clean ( which was a nightmare for the money but I did it so....) and her other LCO put down this horrorable edge and mowed the yard when they felt like it no real set schedule. So I get done with the cleaning brought in some bark and gave her a killer deal for the bi-monthly mowing, which I usual don't allow, and she is already complaining I missed this and something that. The last crew she had didn't even pickup the debris or mow the yard right and now she is doing this??? So I am asking the people that have been doing this awhile and also the newbies what would you do.

    A. Cancel the account and forget it.
    B. Talk to the customer and work it out.
    C. Raise the price of the contract and explain that the price for the job just went up.

    Tell me what you think.
  2. stuffdeer

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    C. Raise the price of the contract and explain that the price for the job just went up.

    And if she argued

    A. Cancel the account and forget it.
  3. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    Try to work out your difference's first. If you can't tell her your sorry that your unable to meet her needs and drop her. AND never do spring nightmare clean -up for peanut money:nono: Once in awile your going to encounter these type's , remember she's paying you and your providing the service. Not thee other way around.:waving:
  4. dcondon

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    I'm going with A, and sticking to it!!!! You will find someone else to take her place. JMO
  5. daveintoledo

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    you said it at the beginning and should have been aware...:)
  6. Team-Green L&L

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    I think that you will discover your problem for future reference in the first statement of your post: "...which was a nightmare for the money I did it..." and then you furthered your faults by " her a killer deal." Get rid of her and start over or keep her and don't make these mistakes again. You are setting yourself up for a PITA when you cater to them. Not to mention the "bi-monthly, which I usually don't allow." Looking back, I'll bet you know you messed up, not the client.
  7. daveintoledo

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    :) :) :) :)
  8. topsites

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    You know it's funny, even in my 5th year I still find myself bending over backwards somedays, but you're right, that is the problem.

    Let me put it this way: ONE exception, ONE breach of a rule *OR* ONE red flag is all they get.
    By the time I get to the 'killer deal,' that's number two... It's time to leave.
    But just in case I missed something, there's that plain evidence of prior Lco's who evidently were equally frustrated with this customer.

    Here's another funny...
    It happens from time to time, I bend over way far and just how dumb can I be, but somedays I must be dumb, I dunno...
    Whenever I do that, there's at least a 50% chance I'll never show up again. Yup, once I get back in my car and am headed down the road, there's a fine chance that's the last they saw of me.
    So just because they twisted me in a slick way into giving them what they wanted, don't mean I'll show up to do it.
    Because even thou it can result in some interesting moments, nothing good ever comes from it anyhow.
  9. garth1967

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    let me say though that is a good post .that is just about the way it is sometimes.ultimatley we have total control.we need to find the right timing to exercise it
  10. Roger

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    So just because they twisted me in a slick way into giving them what they wanted, don't mean I'll show up to do it.


    What does this mean?

    And, so many posts on LS wonder why LCOs are at the bottom of the heap when paytime comes.


    ultimatley we have total control.


    We do? Sure, you can choose, or not choose, to do offer to work for a customer. But, we are ONLY on their property doing ANY work because they have given you the opportunity to do so. Working on a private property is not a right for any LCO. The homeowner is exercising their right to accept your offer to do work, ... NOT the LCO imposing a right to do work for the homeowner.

    I consider it a privilege to work on a private property, not a right. If all the private property owners choose not to accept my offer to work on their property, I would have no customers, ... no business.

    If an LCO wants a new piece of equipment, the choice to buy from a particular dealer is his/her choice. The right of choice to buy/not buy remains in the LCO's hands. The dealer has no obligation to sell the equipment for something other than the offer, terms/conditions associated with the sale. Likewise, as an LCO, you have no obligation to sell your services to a homeowner for anything other than the terms/conditions you wish to impose. The homeowner can accept or reject those terms/conditions.

    If an LCO's offer is accepted, the work is to be done, just as a dealer would be expected to deliver a piece of equipment if a sale is completed. If an LCO want total control over the business relationship, either buying equipment, or selling lawn services, I doubt the business will survive. Business deals are negotiated, not imposed -- no matter what side of the fence you reside.

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