Are all fertilizers the same?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by gmlm, Jan 1, 2013.

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    question: are all fertilizers within reason comparable. just as is a Green Eagle 18-20-2 and a Reed perrine seed starter fertilizer the same. or is lebanon the best out there...and thats why they are so expensive. i really want my properties to look good and dont mind paying for the best product but if they all have a prodiamine pre-emergence (.36) with a 19-0-5 fertilizer what makes them so difference in price. unless its that each fert has a different idea for time release.
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    Yes and no. I have not reviewed those brands / formulas but there are things like particle size for greens as well as slow release and such that impacts cost. You also have middle man cost and such.

    Some types of nitrogen are less expensive than others and do give different responses.
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    No.... Try to see if you have a synatek...great quality/there brand... Best prices ... A mixed pallet shipped would be worth it. For instance there snapshot $80. Per. Compared to $125 commercial landscape supply. Not sure in carries but good$ as well
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    A lot depends on the amount of slow-release nitrogen--such ingredients cost more--but are longer-lasting, better for the grass, (and non-burning). And there are different types of slow-release with varying properties and prices. Do you want muriate of potash or potassium sulfate? Urea or ammonium sulfate? Pure soluble--or run of the mill? Large granules, small? Greens-grade--or run-of-the mill with a few rocks, sticks and contaminants. Do you mind if its from Russia? Is it a problem if its rock hard and non-spreadable?

    Call the department of agriculture in your state. Ask them how may times your dealer has been cited for short percent prodiamine, short weight bags, for urea that was more like 44 percent, for contamination with sand, foreign chemicals or inert stuff.

    A lot depends on your trust and the terms your dealer offers. Brand names will try to keep the quality a bit higher--to protect their reputation. Generic--they don't care.
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    Couldn't say it better myself :waving:
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    thankyou for the input...ill make sure to call dofa right away.

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