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Are all of your lawn accounts also your snow accounts?


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Ran a sidewalk route for years with a 2wd. Weight, tires, and a decent driver and your fine.
I used to run Isuzu Nprs with plows and sanders
All flat parking lots
All 2wd
I learned to plow with a 85 GMC Sierra that was 4 spd manual and 2wd

If you’re not doing hilly driveways
You don’t really need the 4x4

You can chain yo if things are looking crazy

I had my 4x4 got out on my in storms too

Made it through
Nice to have
But not essential

I wouldn’t do a driveway without tho


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Kansas City
I used to do christmas lights big time... Now there are only two that I do because I like the people, and the gifts that come along with it. One of my buddies in CO that is in the business actually has these accounts that pay him to clear the roofs! It blows my mind how much they pay for that.


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Pittsburgh PA
Yeah, I figured you guys were running on flatlands with that silly talk.
You don't go anywhere around here in the winter with two wheel drive.
I speak from experience having driven a 2WD truck for 7 years.
Weight in the bed over the wheels doesn't do squat.