are all skid steer attachment couplers the same?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by turboawd, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. turboawd

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    as the title says, are all skid steer hydraulic attachment couplers the same?
    can i run a bobcat auger on a gehl for example?
    oh, and what about the more fancier attachments that have an electrical plug, are they the same?
  2. tallrick

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    Hydraulic only attatchments seem to be more standardized now than years back. Most seem to copy the Bob-Tach system and there's some adjustability in the attatchment lever. Hydraulic pressure and flow determine the performance of any given attatchment. Electically I have seen differences in Bobcat and other connectors.
  3. ksss

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    I think all the newer machine are running the same style coupler. It has a thicker rib on it than the old style did. I don't know what year this happened or maybe it was an OEM thing. My 03 machines had the old style flat coupler and the 06 machine has the new style.
  4. DiyDave

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    Asv Rc 30's use a bastard attachment plate that looks the same, but is shorter than standard.
  5. DiyDave

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    Whoops didn't read the post right nevermind!
  6. xcopterdoc

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    The answer is yes. All flat face quick disconnects are now standardized. I havent run into any that are not as far as the aux hook ups. You should be good to go.
  7. dogsluvtrux

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    Short answer...some will work, some won't. Non-hydraulic attachments will always work (the industry has standardized to a 45" attachment plate on the full-size machines, a 36" attachment plate on minis (MT's, dingo's, kangas, etc.)

    Long answer...There are some companies out there that are still using a Pioneer coupler, but the majority of them are using the flat face, dripless coupler and they all look the same, however the length of the coupler can vary from brand to can usually get a set of adapters made or change the couplers pretty easily.

    As far as the electrical goes, Bobcat is currently using a 7-pin, milli-volt system. Some of the other brands are using a 12-volt system, some are using a milli-volt system also, but the connectors may be different. It is kind of a crap-shoot, your dealer shounld be able to get you the information you need.

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