Are any of you guys like this?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Albery's Lawn & Tractor, Jul 12, 2007.

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    So like I've mentioned in previous post we also run a small engine repair shop. We are really starting to grow and have a great reputation for quality work and the fastest tunr around in town. Our problem lately is that people come to the shop at all hours (9-10 pm) at night and show up on holidays. Do any of you guys actually do this? The worst part is most of the time it's some fly by nite lawn company and there mtd crapped out and they have to have it for tomorrow:hammerhead: . So IF I tell them I'll do it I'll say it's double my normal rate of $40 an hour (so $80) for me working after hours and they usually act like I a crook! These people don't ever spend a dime with me and then when there in between a rock and a hard spot I'm suppose to bail them out. Good luck.
    Also, when your dealer calls and tells you your machine (that you said you had to have back quickly) is ready, how long does it take you to go pick it up? These PITA will leave there crap here for a month even after several calls. They usually don't come to get it until I threaten to sell it for the cost of the repair.
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    I've never been that bad, but I will complain that most dealers around here have bankers hours. If you need a part mid day you have to stop and go get it rather than waiting till the end of the day. Im not asking for the doors to be open at 9PM, just dont lock up at 4:30. Ive learned to stock up on certain items so I dont have the problem as often. Holidays are the best cause thats when the homeowners are all home. I got 6 calls on the July 4th cause these people where walking around the yard and felt that the time to call was right then and there.

    Rarely do I need shop service, but my guy has about a 24-48hr turnaround for his regular commercial clients. I would never leave my equipment there more than a few days. See above complaint about hours.
  3. Sandgropher

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    I would have to ask the question what are you doing at the shop at 9-10 pm anyway ?
  4. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    We also build bikes, and have some of our own projects going on. Pretty much live in the shop.
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    Right i guess the perception would be you guys are always at the shop so folks will call in when they damn please, i would guess its mainly scrubs that give you the bulk of your problems, most pro LCO's would have backup machines i would imagine.

    I bet you guys have some storys to tell i can just imagine the crap you put up with lol
  6. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Two weeks ago I guy brings a husky rider where the tranny snapped both mounts on the frame. 8:30 pm asks for it back that night!! It was ready by 11pm called to tell him: "I'll try to pick it up tomorrow or the next day."

    Had a guy with a Exmark, wanted his blades sharpened. They were so wore out there was literally nothing to sharpen. Tried to sell him a new set. Nope. So did what he asked for. Funny thing though, he said he had 34 yards to do in 2 days. Would have loved to see the quality after yard number 3.
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    Yes i can just imagine these guys saying that they need the job done yesterday and its urgent then telling you that they will pick it up in a couple of days after its fixed :rolleyes:

    For every PITA story us lawnies have you would have a dozen worse lol
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    I feel for ya on that one. although when i drop something off at the shop and say we need it asap, and they say it might be few days and then call at 430 and say hey its done we close in a few come by and pick it up, sometimes its not possible to get there in 30 min, although its appreciated.

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