Are customers people or numbers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PROCUT1, Jun 29, 2008.

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    We see a lot of posts on here about people taking it very personal when they get "fired" or lose a lawn customer. I know the feeling.

    My question is to the "high volume" lawn guys. Guys with 100+ residentials.

    Many people talk about personal service, going the extra mile, giving the customer the extra attention they want and charging for it.

    Now thats hard to do with a volume service, not so hard for a smaller guy to do.

    For the volume services, do you still go out of your way to try and please every customer?


    Are they now just numbers to you.

    Two on the list......One off.....Another on......No big deal

    Ill be honest and say for my last few years in the mowing business before I sold, that was the attitude I took.

    If they called too much to complain.....Off the list
    If they had too many special instructions....Off the list
    Etc Etc

    If one canceled, it went through the office and was not even a second thought.

    I stopped losing sleep because I lost a lawn.

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    We make every effort to please a customer within reason. I personally handle any complaint the we receive for several reasons. 1. I make sure the customer understands that their business is important to me. 2. I want to verify the complaint and correct it on the spot. 3. I want to make sure that it is a valid complaint and not just being a over picky customer. Because I handle these complaints myself, I can comunicate to the crew what happened and be make sure that they understand. If the customer is being unreasonable and I've made 2 trips out to their place for what I deem to be unwarrantable issues I'll tell them on the spot thay they need to get another lco. I don't loose any sleep at night anymore. It won't do any good and it sure won't change anything.
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    I did this myself, and at one time they were. It's almost inevitable it seemed, at least at the time, always getting jerked around and being took advantage of, sure didn't seem like the customer cared, you know?

    Because I didn't start out like this, but it sure came upon me.
    And once I started running the show by the numbers, I was actually impressed.
    Because it hardly seemed to affect the bottom line, matter of fact financially speaking things improved.
    And then this went on for several years...
    And so I was convinced this was the way to do things.

    Well, yeah...

    What can I say?

    See now, one day into this numbers game I saw that coming.
    But the damage was done, this is one of the reasons I am short on customers.

    I will say thou it's Yin and Yang, catch-22.
    I am nicer about it all, and that has helped.

    I'm still not sure how else it could have went...

    But looking at other businesses that have been around longer than I have, and I mean any business,
    I see now why they do things their way, too.
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    Numbers and numbers only but we try to give them every service they desire and we charge them for everything we do. Remember we are only another service company to them and most would change in a second if the price was drastic enough.

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