Are ECHO parts really hard to get???

Vibe Ray

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Slidell, LA
Are ECHO parts really hard to get??? I hear that they are and take a long time to ship....and hard to order....


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Flint, Michigan
I know they used to be about 15 years ago. I don't have any trouble at all with them now. Of course, rarely do I ever need anything. It could depend on the dealer too.


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I haven't had to order anything this year, but last year I waited over a month for a pull starter for my SRM 2400 trimmer. It could have been the dealer too, they had a habit of not ordering other parts at all for me. Left me hanging. Needless to say I don't use them any more.

No, Echo parts are not hard to get.

Most of time a 99% fill rate on all parts orders!

2 days max on shipping!

I'm a dealer & Authorized repair center for Echo for over 9 years?

No, I do not ship parts, to much trouble, unless you want to pay a minimum of $25 shipping fee & to be honest I still do not want to do it. Unless you want to come over & trim my 24 inch boxwood? I only have one! Then I might ship, LOL!

I'm not set up to ship parts & hope I never do. No money in shipping a .35 cent screw & a $1.59 gasket? Parts are a real hassle, I've spent 30 minutes with customers all the time looking up a couple of .85 parts & then he decides he can get it cheaper somewhere else. This kills your bottom line on your lifetime savings of half a million dollar investment in your get rich quick investment of being a dealer. Yes few make it big time, but the rest suffer.

If you like to work for nothing get into retail & learn fast about the real world of the retail business. Service business is where it's at! I think power equipment dealers should not have to pay taxes, work Saturdays & all their wives look very similar to Brittany Spears. They deserve it? That's a fact Jack & that's why so many got an attitude!

I feel that self employeed people that own service related business's are the smartest of all! Lot less headachs!

Power equipment dealers probably will not be selling power Equipment in the next 10 years, they be nickel & dime parts & repair centers. JD has already put out the word & others to follow. This will put a lot out of business & then parts & labor will skyrocket, then whats left of them will make money like body shops, Auto repair garages & others that charge 4 hours labor for a 2 hour job. They do it every day, just try to hang around one of these places while they work on your vehicle & watch. Yeh, right every once in a while they let ya?

Any dealer that sells Honda, Snapper, Echo & a lot of other products are in violation of their signed dealer agreement if they sell Equipment over internet or as far as that goes in the box. They sign a agreement that they are a servicing dealer & that means put together & serviced out at time of purchase! This eliminates about 90% of Equipment problems. Nothing much being done about it now but wait & see the writing is on the wall. That's why it is so hard to get Outdoor Power Equipment Manufactures to do anything as far as advertising with other internet websites?

The Power Equipment Industry is working on accomplishing this for them selves only, they are now weeding out all the middle men & going factory direct now. But their Equipment & Parts are still going up in price & they pocketing the extra profits?

These are just my thoughts & that's all folks!


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I have needed very little for my half dozen or so ECHO pieces. Only one time did something need to be ordered, a trimmer shaft tube. It was in within a reasonable timeframe.