Are mid-mount ZTR's a problem on hills?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by palmtree, May 23, 2005.

  1. palmtree

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    I have heard it both ways. They are wider than most lawn tractors with a lower center of gravity--why would they be worse on hills? Also, I have heard that front mount ZTR's are better on hills than mid-mount. Why is this? I have a pond dam to mow and I want to make sure I buy the right mower. As much money as these babies cost I want to make sure I get the right thing the first time around.
    Thanks again.
  2. Grass Masters

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    Brett any mower will scare the by geebies out of you the first time you take it on a hill.

    That said I mow alot of Large hills with mid ount ztrs and have no problem but if the hill is real steep I take out the walk behind REASON number one is because if I am to lose control I dont have to worry about it flipping over on with me on it........if this bank is the main reason your getting a ZTR look into a walk behind first OR get a few demos and try them on the hill and see which is the best fit for you

    IF a dealer wants to sell you one he will let you demo it if not go to another dealer
  3. ALarsh

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    Mid mount Z's are not a problem on hills going back and forth. The biggest problem is turning around at the bottom of a steep hill with limited room and slowing down going down a hill. They will ride a hill horizontally just fine, but going straight down the hill you may run into a few problems.
  4. carb454

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    Ztr's don't want to turn going down hill, If your going down a slope and want to turn right or left the uphill wheel will slide,only the down hill wheel will be driving. It's best to keep both wheels turning just to maintain traction.

    With that said from my experience ,If you have to mow down hill ,stop first the back-up into your turn it works better that way. Mid mounts that is ...

    Front mount has advantages in handling but are overall bigger machines.
  5. Tider6972

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    No on pond slopes and Zs; use a walk !

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