are my demands unreasonable?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    i stood there, talking on my cell phone, while i watched my two guys working, weedwacking, mowing, blowing. i watched the new guy blow the grass on the street up over the curb, onto the driveway, then blow off the driveway getting the clippings back into the street, then back onto the driveway, etc etc. in total he blew off the driveway 5 times, and still did a crappy job. all the while,sweating like a hog, huffing and puffing, wearing a cuttoff tee shirt with a ciggarette butt hanging from his mouth, and spitting twice on the ladies lawn. i flipped, i freaked. "look at you guys, you look like 2 ex cons working for dope money, that's it. meeting, now, right here!!!" new rules effective monday: all 3 of us wear matching uniforms, no tank tops, no t shirts, matching pants and collared shirts(i will provide). they get 5 shirts and 2 pair of pants. show up without your uniform on, go home. no smoking on the property, or on the street in front of the house. no spitting, if you must spit, spit into the back of the truck. no foul language, no loud yelling. no giggling or laughing at the customers property. every customer will be addressed as "sir or mam". look "alive" and ambitious, if you're tired, or sucking wind, don't show it! these are the new rules. when it was just me and amigo, we looked ok. i wear jeans and a collared shirt with my name on it, amigo wears jeans and a tee shirt, we look presentable. but the new guy looks like hell. torn levi's, tank top, ciggarette butt in his mouth, just pl;ain nasty. are my requests unreasonable?
  2. Cutters Lawn Care

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    They aren't unreasonable. But I would have made all of this clear before they were hired and when I hire someone I give them an orientation about things you just mentioned. If they don't come to work in full uniform they are sent home. They get pissed but I don't care. Let's say a policeman reports for his shift not in proper uniform. Lets say he forgets his belt and his badge do you think he will be allowed to patrol. This is how I put it when an employee shows up not in proper uniform and I think they get the hint.
  3. Turf Medic

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    What took you so long, we won't put up with that crap the first day. NO you are not expecting too much. If you do send them home for no uniform, make sure that they understand this only happens a couple of times and they are gone, don't want them to use it as a way to get the day off.
  4. Cutters Lawn Care

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    sorry if they don't come to work in full uniform.
  5. bluebeard

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    No they aren't unreasonable. Everything and I mean everything is judged on appearances. If you look the part you probably are the part in my opinion. I have no problem judging a book by it's cover. And neither do most people. If you're a slob you'll get no respect. Dress for success!
  6. Norm Al

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    they are NOT unreasonable! but a good traing program is what most small companys lack! put it in writing and have them sign it!
  7. BSDeality

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    its 'bout time you got some uniforms bobby.

    I've been wearing my company shirts on a daily basis now and i am usually recieved better than when i was just showing up with the flavor of the day t-shirt. I don't know how applicable it was for you since you're a bit older, however as a younger guy i tend to be dismissed as some kid looking for some easy cash.

    I just bought some work pants today too. they're cargo pants that have zippers @ each knee so they can turn into shorts, which is convienent for "those" properties that have all those rocks and prickers when you weedwack.

    It's all in the appearance.
  8. tiedeman

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    unreasonable??? You should have done that long time ago
  9. NNJLandman

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    Not unreasonable at all, presentation and image is a big part of the lawn biz. My boss doesn't really care too much about it, all of his trucks are lettered and stuff but as for dress code n stuff, its one less thing to worry about, but we when it comes to customers we are all very kind and courtesy to them and take pride in our work. My boss doesn't really enforce it too much, one less thing to worry about.

  10. prizeprop

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    No your not to a point. Yes they should wear uniforms, at least shirt with co. name on them, They should always be polite to the customers etc. com'on let them have a smoke if they want as long as they take the but with them. I could never work for you with my chewing tobacco habit, each lawn gets at least 6-10 spits.

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