Are my mulch calculations that off on this job???

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by KrayzKajun, Feb 4, 2013.


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    i dont even mess with the math. Ive been doing this long enough i can just look at it and get just about exact.....but i'll tell you from the pics shown if you go with even 20 yds thats going to be overkill......also you should make a decent job of this with bed prep first, that should be your $:drinkup:
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    Judging by the pictures that woul be around 6 yards.

    Your pickup should hold 1,1/2 yards with out too much flying out. So thats 4 pickup loads.
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    How would you find the amount if mulch you need if a flowerbed goes from 8ft to 5ft to 8ft to 5ft in width and the length is 28ft. Mulch is at 3" dept 😏 and the other bed goes from 8ft to 5ft to 4ft in width and 40ft in length
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    To do in your head and make it easy.
    Round down the yards to 25 cubic feet and use 3 inches or .25
    so to make it easy

    17 yards will give you between 3 to 4 inches if you are correct at the 1700 sf.

    This will get you with in 15% of the 4" calculation but you also assume you have plant material in existing beds and do not pile up mulch on the base of the shrub.
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    Damn.... those beds are in horrible shape! That should be a huge pay day for that job. I hate recovering overgrown beds but they make for great before and after pics.
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    Easiest equation that I figured through the years is length x width / 270
    Example 20x50=1000/270=3.7yds and
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    per inch ...
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    L x w / 100. Is what we do for mulch. Usually extremely close
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    one yard of mulch will do 160 sf at 2 inches deep, 120 sf a 3 inches and 80 sf at four inches. you could do that whole job with 11 yds at 2 inches deep. I don,t know where the .33 comes from.

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