Are my mulch calculations that off on this job???

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by KrayzKajun, Feb 4, 2013.


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    no bulk suppliers there?...much better deal with a yd of bulk mulch. Be careful with that cypress stuff, but you are from LA. so you are probabaly aware of this already
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    What's the problem with Cypress? The only problem I've ever encountered was a load with stinkhorn fungus.
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    Why is your pickup sitting on the lawn in the fourth picture? That's not the first time I've seen that on one of your posts, maybe its common to do that where you're at. Here, there are very very few valid excuses for driving on someones lawn, whether residential or commercial.
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    Thts the front servitude of the property next to the street. Its where the delivery trucks pull up when the parking lot is full.
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    Hey guys, how do you do your bed maintenance? Do you pull all the weeds by hand or use a cultivator, or what?

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    here in ohio most cypress comes in from the south and we are getting more emerald boring ash problems among other pests and mostly associated with the cypress mulches

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    as far as will get that depending on how mulch is processed or left sitting for long. Which most bagged mulch usually sits for long periods
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    Why would anyone spend their money and time to become licensed just to give away free info to help the competition do a good job. Lol The fertilizer calculations, mulch calculations, soil calculations, soil chart, UTFC, etc. are all in the licensing manual from the LDAF Horticulture Commission. If your serious about being a "Quality" landscaper then you might want to get yourself one. If not, then keep eye balling everything so I can be the best out there. :)

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    calculations dont get the job done....installing it tells if you're the best or not. Besides calculations dont hold true in all situations, there are times when calculations are just math but the land needs more. Understand contour and you know what i mean:drinkup:
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    It's like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant, marking his turf, just kidding.

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