Are rotors ok at 30 psi?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by soafone, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Wet_Boots

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    Uhhh, that is more a confession of incompetence. You don't evaluate a pump while it is cycling on and off.

    Besides, you adjust a pressure switch, rather than swap it out.
  2. AI Inc

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    why dont you just turn up the pressure? Remember to increase the air pressure in the tank too.
  3. muddywater

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    And use a cycle stop valve. And isually you can adjust pressure switch.

    I try to get a well company to evaluate the well. You will prob be the only contractor that will suggest it. And you are covering the homeowners butt as well as yours.

    Last job i got the well company to do that, i was the only contractor that suggested it and they wouldnt even look at other bids. 12k job that was very profitable. And Mike i used stainless i20s and sch 40! Mike oleary special!

    You HAVE to know the recharge rate! At least call the well co, the installer may already have records on file.
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  4. grassman177

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    i have never done any work with a pressure switch, or a lake/pond or well. however, i think i would be able to figure it all out just fine. there is simply not any of those used around here, except one job i know of, and i dont have them as a customer

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