are signs worth it for advertisement?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. bobbygedd

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    just looking for some feedback. i have a couple of customers on very busy streets, would it be worth it to do an extra good job there and put up a sign: lawn maint and landscaping by xyz. any body have good results with this?
  2. I have have a bit of good luck with those signs in front of my home and other family members.

    But I have also herd that there are city laws that only allow you to place a sign at a job location only when doing work.

    A company is putting up siding starting Monday
    and finishing Friday. They can place a sign at that job site starting monday and MUST remove it friday.

    They do not consider a lawn service that comes once a week for 30 weeks in a row like that.

    I have been told that but I look around at my competion and they have small 8x10 inch signs in the landscaping closest to the street.

    My signs our the same size as FOR SALE signs.
    48x36 inch. I place them about 1 foot back off the easment. You do not whant a sign like that on city property

    Try it see if it works for you.
    LQQK on ebay for custome signs
    I got mine for
    6 signs for $10.00
    They are sigle sided sines so I took two signs drilled holes in them and mounted them on sign posts witch you can buy for $4.99 at home depot or Ace Hardware.
    So for under $50.00 you have 3 signs that will last for years.
  3. Kent Lawns

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    The benefits of yard signs are generally very difficult to measure.

    Their long-term effects can be very beneficial.

    I am of the opinion they're well worth it.
  4. outrunjason

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    Some people tell me that putting out signs is trashy and the customers it attracts are usually one time customers.

    I use signs and find that not to be true. I did get a few one time customers but most for the rest of the year. Even a local Plumbing Supply company.

    A busy intersection here has people sitting in traffic allowing them to view my sign at up to a minute and a half.

    Go for the signs they are cheap.

  5. KenH

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    I think they are worth it even for the fact of name recognition. I people see alot of your signs, you MUST be good.:D
  6. dmk395

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    Signs on trucks have worked well for me.
  7. GarPA

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    as said above you cant measure the actual benefits from these signs....I have 10 of them... and I use them...actual calls from, I think its more about consistently getting your name in front of your community....I know in my own case, when I consistentlysee a business strive to get their name out there i think a couple of things...1. I remember them 2. they appear for real and professional or they wouldnt make the effort to do this and 3. they must be proud of their work. I leave the signs out for a week after a job is done....but I dont use them at all for routine mowing maintenance....mine are realestate sized
  8. Strawbridge Lawn

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    I thought signs on my truck would do alot more than they actually did when I started 2 years ago.
    I don't advertise at all with the exception of the magnetic signs on my truck. I don't even have a sign on my trailer nor do I wear clothing with biz logo's. I would advertise through the yellow pages if I had to, but I don't. For me, I feel Word of Mouth based on the work, and price you offer your customers is what spreads your name.
    I paid $40 for the signs, and think they were worth it for those folks who see me working in an area and drive by slow to jot doen the info.

    Strawbridge Lawn
    & Landscape
  9. JimLewis

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    YES! Signs can and do work! Good post.

    We've been using small signs in lawns that we maintain for years. And with great success. I've had a dozen or more clients over the years who told us when they first called, "I see your signs all over the place so I figured you guys must be pretty good."

    Check out this page for an example of the signs we put in lawns we maintain;

    I agree with a lot of what was said above. You have to be strategic as to how you place these signs. One sign in a neighborhood will likely not do a thing for you. We only place these signs in neighborhoods where I can put a good 10 or so within a few blocks of each other. THEN, you really start to get noticed. People walking their dogs or driving to work every day start seeing your signs all over and take notice.

    Also, if the sign is permenant, you can't make them too big. My goal was to emulate those little "this home protected by ATD Security" signs. I figured if I stayed to that size, most people wouldn't have a problem with them.

    I think it was stated above also that it takes time - this is true. Don't put out 2- signs and expect to immediately get calls. That won't happen. Remember, this is just a form of SUPPLIMENTARY marketing. To get you a few more leads here and there. But don't count on it to bring in a ton of phone calls. Be realistic.

    The signs we use nowadays (like the second picture on that web site above) are about 10"x10" and are two sided so cars or passerbys can see them from either direction. If you have a sign facing perpendicular to the road, people will see it as they pass. If you have a one-sided sign facing toward the street, not many people will notice that.

    This is a little secret I've been keeping for years. I have LOTS of little supplementary marketing tools like this that we use. Another is our signs on the backs of our trailers. Like this;
    My crews always leave the tailgates up while working on a lawn. It's a mobile or stationairy billboard at all times. And it, too, works well.

    In fact, I have so many little supplementary marketing tools going on that we don't even have to advertise these days. We'll have the biggest year yet on record this year and we didn't advertise hardly at all this year.
  10. therainman

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    good post subject.....
    I think the sign subject depends greatly on the type of services you provide. I install irrigation, therefore i feel they have been very use tools in atraction of new clients. I am the only irrigation contractor in my town, and am new to the biz of irrigation myself, so the signs are a great way to bring attention to myself and the service we provide.
    With no advertizing other than signs we have been doing an irragation bid about every other day or so. this is very good considering there are currently very few systems in ground at this time. 5 bids for me tommorrow!@!!!!!!::cool: so I would say buy em. I did spend a little more money on mine than some of you, my signs are 2'x3' metal painted signs with a steel frame very sturdy should last a long time but did cost $110 each.:dizzy:

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