Are Spring Start-ups Normally Like This?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by AceSprinkleRx, Jun 10, 2005.

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    My fiancé has a work associate whom recently bought a house and couldn't figure out how to get the system turned on. So out I went to get some OTJ experience, pro bono I might add.

    What a cobbled mess! Only 2 maxi-paws out front, one in the NW corner of the yard and the other in the middle of the south side of the yard. In the backyard we have 2 maxi's along the east privacy fence, 2 long the south fence, one maxi buried in a root mass on the NW corner, and then one maxi smack in the middle of the yard.

    A very beaten up RB EZ1 6 station controller is in the garage. We cannot locate a mainline or central shutoff valve nor blow out. So I ask him where the water meter/service line comes into the house. Nothing there.

    He tells me there are valves in holes in the ceiling of a couple of the bedrooms, so we go look. Whomever did the install cut fist-sized holes into the ceiling of the basement bedrooms, T'd into the hose bib lines for both the front and back yard! So we have 2 bedrooms with open holes in the ceiling!

    I go back out to the front and see where the "2nd hose bib" exits the house through the siding with a 90* elbow pointing downwards toward a lava rock bed. I dig down a few inches and uncover most if not all of the controller wires and a 1 1/4 male threaded coupler. Apparently there was a section of piping and wires cut out for some reason and possibly the valves were installed on the vertical pipe. We searched for an hour and could not locate any main valves, control valves or boxes or even a BFP.

    Saturday morning I'm going back to dig around the found maxi's and attempt to locate the backyard valves by plotting out the direction of the lines between the heads I found.

    Most of the heads need to be brought back to grade and leveled off anyway.

    The RB EZ1 is pretty deteriorated and the 9v battery has corroded all over the place. I told him if it were me, I would have a plumber come in and install a POC near the meter and stub it right outside next to his dryer vent (Water heater, meter are in the laundry room in the basement). And also place the controller there since we could run lines North and South to the front and back without any driveway or side walk issues, right in the pipe trench.

    I would also update the controller. Any thoughts on the EZ1?

    We could run a mainline to the front and back and hopefully tie into his existing heads making whatever improvements need to be made after we uncover everything else.

    I was very surprised to say the least at what I found. I figured it would be more of a spring start-up kind of thing.

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    I would just try and sell him a new system... Sounds like a mess.
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    Oh yeah!! I hate the "My system hasn't run in 6 or 7 years" call. Had one yesterday, the above ground anti-siphon valves were below ground, buried with dirt. They wanted to re-use the controller that was missing the front face plate and the cover around the trasformer was all broken. Wires were run on the outside of the wall to the garage and all the insulation was rotted away. Maxi-Paws sticking up above ground and most were broken.

    Ahhhh.......... the joys of being a service tech.

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