are stairs possible here?? help

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by back_lash, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. back_lash

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    Okay I brought this up before, but this time I have a picture, so maybe I can get better help to see if this is possible/resonable. I was wondering if I could build some stairs out of a stone product. Ideally I would like to use Olde Manor wall system, but I dont think it would be safe given the height, and the units are only 3 3/4" thick. Everyone here seems to use the Versa-lok system. Anyway, from the ground to the top level of this "deck" it is 3 feet and a half inch. and across the width of the door it is 5 feet 9 inches. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I could approach this? Or would it just look dumb. I'm trying very hard to get rid of that ugly "deck".

    Thanks guys.

  2. neversatisfiedj

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    So (5) 6" steps would do it . I would come out with a landing then put 4 steps. Just build a 4 sided box out of block with geogrid between every layer. The build your other steps off the front. You also need to consider a handrail . Or if you use cornerstone or allan block you can create an 8" rise and have less steps.
  3. Isobel

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    I've never used a wall system to build stairs, so I'm not sure if it is possible. But one of the ideas that pops to mind is to make the stairs out of concrete blocks, and then veneer it with natural stone.
  4. Foz

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    We have done this several times. I prefer the Versa-Lok. Build a landing and the steps using Versa-Lok. Have a black iron railing installed after construction.
  5. neversatisfiedj

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    What do you do just screw the railing to the treads ?
  6. Foz

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    Drill through the cap blocks into the top layer of wall block with a masonry bit & grout the railing into the block. DO NOT secure the railing to the house as the SRW patio and steps will move in cold weather.
  7. back_lash

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    so you would suggest building a 4 side box approx 3 feet high, then fill the middle with gravel +1 inch of sand then put pavers ontop, then off of that build the stairs down to the ground level? THe only thing I don't like about Versa-lok is the sides of the units will be exposed, and it looks too difficult to make all those cuts like is suggested on the Versa-lok website. So for aestetics, I'm not sure how it would look.
    And yea railings make everything more complicated. I think id have a hard time getting railings in place without making it look like crap
  8. Picture Perfect Pavers

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    Stairs are possible.
    If you are inexperienced there is a fail proof way with this hardscape frame system I have seen. I will get you the name of the company and all you do is veneer the stone on. Apparently they could accomodate any riser height and you could get away with 7 and 1/2 inch riser (2 of the 3 and 3/4 block). At this riser height 4 stairs would give you 30 inches and then 6 inches into the house. It seemed like a kid could build them. They are stocked at the one distributor I go to. I will call and get you the name and number. I wouldnt tackle the step project as a novice any other way. I was thinking about trying them anyway.
  9. neversatisfiedj

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    Just split the block to make your corners. I just used Nicolock 6" colonial to build a set of stairs. Build your landing 2.5' tall, then you will have another 6" step into the threshold right ? Fill and compact every 2-4 inches depending on your method of compaction. Pl glue and geogrid every level. I don't agree on putting a railing down in the block however. that would put pressure on that wall if leaned on.
  10. PaperCutter

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    I wouldn't even consider it without railings. Why so dead set against wood? Even changing your existing rails to iron or deckorators pickets with a nice cap would make a world of difference. How much yard do you have beyond the bottom step (coming out towards the camera)?

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