Are strip pattern nozzles any good?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by justgeorge, Apr 15, 2005.

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    I've been doing a lot of estimating where the houses have a 6' - 10' strip beside the driveway. Normally I would use a square or triangular pattern using 180 degree spray heads of the correct radius. Naturally, that uses a lot of heads. Do the 5'x15' corner strip, or even 5'x30' side strip nozzles give good coverage? How would you space them to achieve head-to-head coverage?

    For example, if I had a 10'x120' strip, would you put two rows of 4 30 feet apart (starting at the 15' mark) spraying towards each other (but the spray would meet in the middle)? That isn't what I would call head-to-head coverage.

    Anyone used these before?

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    ...although with enough pressure, a strip head can spread water well enough to stand alone. Get some different strip nozzles and experiment. There are some oddball side-strip nozzles that might work in a ten-foot-wide strip. A Rainbird 17SST comes to mind, watering something close to a 10 x 18 rectangle, if they get 50 psi. Now that good nozzles with small radii exist, you would water strips more economically with triangular spacing of ten foot, or eight foot radius nozzles.
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    the side strips are made for smaller strips. but i have also used these heads and when they say 5'x30' they really mean it and do just that so u could use them in that way. but just to be safe i wouldn't use it on anything more that 9' so that u had some overlap. 10' would actually call for the 10' hunters 10' apart for 12 spray heads.
    thats just my take on it

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