Are the husqvarna leaf blowers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jrs mowing, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. jrs mowing

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    how are the husqvarna leaf blowers compaired to echo? (handhelds)
  2. pcnservices

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    I have no expierence with the Echo's but my 225BX Husqvarna treated me very good the past 3 seasons. Leaves and even ± 1" of dry snow, gutter cleanouts, etc., etc. is not a problem. It's now giving me frustrations as it is loosing power, hard to start and if I fill the gas tank it will flood and run stuttery until the tank is about half empty.
    Anyway it served me good and when I bought it the dealer told me I can expect ± 300 hrs out of it. I definitely got more than 300 hrs of hard work out of it - so definitly worth it's $200. I'm now getting the JD BP50 and I'm going to shelf my Husqvarna handheld for a standby unit.
    Good Luck
  3. Sam-Ohio

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    I have no experience with the Husqvarna blowers. But I do have a lot of experience with the Stihl BG 55 and BG 85 handheld blowers, and compared to the Echo with its 21 cc engine, the 27cc Stihl engine simply has lots more power available to move more air faster.

    When you are trying to compare blowers, and are reading spec. sheets till your eyes cross, it can be made lots easier for you if you multiply the air volume [CFM] times the air speed [MPH].


    Echo PB200 - 365 cfm X 145 mph = 52,925

    Stihl BG55 - 430 cfm X 140 mph = 60,200

    Stihl BG85 - 459 cfm X 183 mph = 83,997

    See how finding the total energy output, and resolving it into a single number makes it so easy to compare and really shows how large the differences are. I have used the specs that are in each companies catalogue and I have to assume they are true. One thing to watch out for when comparing specs on blowers - try to make sure the specs are taken at the end of the tube ! Some companies have published "weasel" specs that are taken at the blower housing exit. Of course no one can use the blower without any tubes - so these numbers don't mean squat for you, they just do it to give you a false impression of their blowers power.

    Anyway checking and comparing specs is all fine , but before you buy, ask the dealer to gas up one - a good dealer probably has a demo of every model at this time of year. Walk out in the parking lot and fire it up. Check how easy it starts, check how much it vibrates, check how comfortable it is to handle, see how hard it really blows ! This will tell you more than just reading spec sheets ever will !
  4. G-father

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    I have an older (mid 90's) hand held husqvarna blower. It was the worst 2-stroke engine I have used. It did not start when it was cold, when it was hot, etc, etc. I still have it around here but I never use it because it just makes me mad. It is also the last husqvarna I have bought!!!

    However to be fair I have heard the new ones are much better than the old ones.

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