Are their issues with Walkbehind boom Spraying?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by DavidNJ, Dec 15, 2010.

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    ^^I have the same unit (25-71). $479.99, new/delivered from Agri-Supply.

    It's mounted on my ATV. I'm getting 60+psi, now that I figured it out. I broke the wand that comes with it on day 1. I'm kinda glad I did. I replaced it with a really nice rid of the 15' section and added a 25' section. Great move.

    I admire the OP's ingenuity. I'm anxious to see if he can get it calibrated. Good luck. I hope it works out. And, I hope you'll continue to post how it's progressing.
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    DavidNJ, any pictures or videos yet? im anxious to see how this is working. Have you gotten much use out of it yet? where is the boom positioned? in front of the casters or some how between the casters/frame? Thanks!
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    I keep forgetting the camera, snapped these quickly with the cell phone..they all came out a bit blurry. I wasn't spraying at the time.

    The first shows the boom extended. The second shows the view from the controls where you can how the pressure is clear from the operators position. Also not the on/off switch is laying on the console.

    Fimco has a wireless power remote, which I have, but ended up not using in this application, it easily plugs into the power cable.

    2011-07-02 20.27.04.jpg

    2011-07-02 20.27.36.jpg
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    What's the height of your nozzles from the ground? Any issues with that?

    What have you sprayed, so far? Results? I'm more interested in your coverage and your calibration than anything else.

    BEST (I have the same unit on my ATV) height I can get, without some mods., is 21".
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    Why would you want the height different from the recommended 18"? Pics look good, i put mine together as well, definitely a bit harder to maneuver but usable, it'd be nice to transfer some of the weight to the back wheels.
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    "I" don't. The 21" is as low as mine will go (sans mods). And, this is mounted on my ATV.
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    Tank mnts to the 2x4, & the 2x4 to the frame?. Looks great!
    I have a 15gal Fimco boomles ATVunit & a 48" Turf Tracer17hpKaw My only problem is the power source for the pump... Its a pull start. Did you consider using a rider instead?
    How did you make out with the calibration?
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    Awesome! Thanks for posting
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