Are there that many customers who need lawns mowed

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Mar 2, 2011.

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    You figure most operations ( one man to large crews) have at least 20 to 60 lawns for a one man crew and 60 to what ever amount for large crews. Can there really be that many customes out the their? You figure for just seeing 10 lco's driving that they have a min of 500 or so lawns together on average. Now In my are we have a least over 300 lco's. Now take that number and times it by the customers they have . Are there that many new customers or are the customers just hopping around service to service? It is really hard to believe that many people need their lawns cut.
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    I think in my town we are teetering on the gray area between enough lawns and too many lawn guys. There is just not the development here that other towns have. I think this year will weed out some lowballers but will also eliminate a bunch of customers that can't afford it any more.
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  3. Yes, in FL, especially S. FL, there is more than enough biz for everyone. You have to remember some companies only do commercial or HOA, some guys only do mow and go garbage yards, some only do High-end, etc. There are at least 5-10 companies in my area that I can think of off the top of my head that only do HOA stuff.
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    they are out there..i just got a customer the other day in a drive thru window at mcdonald's lol...said she had 1 acre of grass and no lawnmower...maybe she got a divorce or something?...i dunno...there's always customers out there
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    If there were enough for everyone then lowballers would not be a problem, right?
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    There are a lot of lawns where I am with it being a fairly high income area with fairly large lawns. There are whole neighborhoods where almost nobody mows their own lawn. It's just too difficult for them to keep a 1 to 2 acre lawn maintained with only the weekend to do it. These customers tend to be looking for quality and tend to be loyal if you are dependable and do good work, but there also is a lot of competition, some of it top notch, so getting new lawns and expanding is difficult.

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