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Are these good deals on ZTRs?


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Cooperstown, NY
To All:

I currently mow between 4.5 - 5 acres of mostly flat property with plenty of trees (it used to be a tree nursery) with two garden tractors, a 3000 series Cub Cadet and a Wheel Horse. It takes hours to get this job done, particularly early in the season when the grass is growing out quickly and the mowers get bogged down in the deep grass. I've been looking to make the switch for a ZTR for a long time and have found the following deals:

Dealer 1:
Toro Z500 60" deck, 27hp Kohler Command Engine - $7200
Toro Z400 52" deck, 21hp Kawaski Engine - $6799

Dealer 2:
Cub Cadet Tank, 48" deck, 23hp Kawasaki Engine - $7200 new
Same but used with under 50 hours - $5300
Cub Cadet Tank, 54" deck, 25hp Kawasaki Engine - $8000 new
Same but used with about 80 hours - $6000

Of the two dealers, #2 is far larger and has a bigger stock of parts and supplies and seems more responsive to questions about capabilities and uses of the machines.
My question to all of you is, these deals are mid-winter prices that may or may not last until mowing season. I can't really try these machines out because the yard has a foot or so of snow on it. Do these machines seem like they would do what I need them to do? Are there any known issues with either brand of machine? My primary goal is to cut down on my mowing and to have a reliable machine that I can count on to get the job done through the season.
I have had problems with getting parts and service for machines that I've bought on e-bay because I live in a rural area so it is important to me to shop locally and these two dealers seem to be the only ones who are responsive to my questions. Otherwise I might consider another brand like Hustler or Ex-Mark.
Any input would be appreciated.



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Apparently some people around here like to be condescending and what they think is funny. You will greatly benefit from a ztr over a garden tractor.

Does the Toro come with the Turbo Force deck? If so, do a search on the commercial forum for that. You'll find a lot of the pros really like that deck and like their Toro machines. BTW, Toro bought Exmark, so they share a lot of parts and design. Main difference being the decks.

The Cub Cadet Tank doesn't get as much love. Very few people on this site use them or have experience with them. Those that have give mixed reviews. Most of the problems I've read about on other sites are quality control issues. That being said the price on the 48" is really good.

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Rochester, MN
The deals you mentioned are ok but nothing out of the ordinary.
For reference, I paid around $4K for my Toro Z400 with 48" deck and 21HP Kaw.
Under 100 hours on it.

Can't go wrong with those Toro's. I would go in and offer $6K for the Z400 and see if he bites.
Otherwise look for other used machines, great deals out there.


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Green , Ohio
54 inch tank with 80 hours is a new mower good price and a good mower....if you can mow all areas with a 54 that would be great mower for you.....I mow with a 48 tank 19 kaw 1400 hours still mows very nice...


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Sounds like you're going to spend 7-8k anyway so I'd get the Toro Z500 which is essentially an eXmark Lazer Z (previous model before the 'Next' Lazer Z) and be done with it. The Lazer Z / Z500 are proven mowers used by large/major national companies like Brickman. If you were looking at a G3 Toro, that's equivalent to the Next Lazer Z eXmark and more expensive.

Can't say anything about the Cub Cadet since I have not really spent a lot of time looking at them and don't own one.


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Paducah Kentucky
It sounds like you need a ztr bad, out of your choices I would take the toro, have you considered any other options like Kubota?