Are these guys too young to be running Z's?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by casey, Dec 21, 2001.

  1. casey

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    Found these testimonials on a major manufacturers website. Is this normal in rural US? #2 uses it com.. Wouldn't see a kid running a Z around here.

    #1 Hi I am 12 years old and I Mow with a Exmark Lazer Z riding Mower 72 inch deck 25 HP. and it is great,dependable, and we love it. We have 5 acres and it gets it done really fast.Approx. 1 and a half hours. The thing I like about it is the speed! Thanks for making a good quality mower!
    Tom Greenwood

    #2, My dad and I just got a 48" Laser Z HP! It's awesome!
    It used to take me 2-4 hours a lawn with my old ride on mower. Now it takes me 30 minutes to 1 hour a lawn! I've never been so
    impressed with a mower before. Keep up the good work! Miles Bradshaw Age 13
  2. lee b

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    Too young? My son is 11 and can probably run circles around some on here with a z. When I was 10, I was operating big farm equipment and driving it on the highway between farms. If they have been properly trained and know how to operate safely, what's wrong with it.
  3. Ric

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    I think this is a question of where you are raised. The city or the Farm.
  4. casey

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    I'd never put a 12 yr old behind one of our WB's on a com. account. Not even sure about the insurance issues.
  5. Ric

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    My son was 14 almost 15 the summer I put him on a Walker. He is one of the best Walker operator I have ever seen. I think a WB takes a little more muscle and would not let him operate one at age 14 either. I am a city slicker wantabe farm boy. Farm country has a different set of values and kids grow up in some ways quicker. The two summer that just my son and I cut grass together were some of the best time we spend together. I am divored single parent.
  6. fivestarlawnken

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    i think it's ok to let kids run this equip at home,but never commercially.If I was a customer it would bother me.Dosen't say much for the company.
  7. Evan528

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    I bought and operated my first commercial walk behind when i was 11. Bought my first commercial rider (60inch gravely 3 wheeler) when I was 13. I would of never let anyone my age operate my machines though!
  8. What I did as a kid in the sixties can NEVER be duplicated today.

    I have pictures of my self as an infant in the arms of my father with him sitting on a Farmall Cub.

    By the time I was 10 I had a Honda 50 Mini bike. At 12 I had a 90 Suzuki. At 11 I was driving the "farm" truck a 1952 Ford F-100 3 on the tree.

    At 14 I had a 185 Suzuki. At 16 I had a 1969 Camaro 327 2-V auto.

    At 18 I had a brand new Nova SS 350 4v 4-speed hatchback.

    I was born to operate machinery. Some people have it, some don't. You have to have the motor skills so don't rip up the turf and or equipment.

    I raised so much hell as a kid the viperboy would be envious.
  9. 1stclasslawns

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    I am a farm "boy" at 11 I bought my first rider a 8 hp sears.
    I ran my first tracter at about 8 or 9 Its been so long I cant remember. I was driving a 5 ton 24' flat bed hay truck ON THE HIGHWAY when I was 12, not legel but it needed to be done.

    My 5 year old son has been running my Z for 2 years with me on it with him, he has ran my old tracter rider with a trailer full of brush by himself, he stands up off of the seat and kills it for brakes, he has also driven my k3500 crew cab locked in granny low in the field with me scattering hay from the back.

    He will be working for me some day and will know how to operate the equipment SAFLY. He may not run it on every account but there will be some he will. He loves to go with me and drag brush and such, I dont let him go often though. There will be some things he wont be able to do but he will do what he can.

    I went with my dad to work when I was a kid he was a carpenter and when one old lady bitched about it he looked at her and ask her if she wanted to be his runner and get him the tools he needed when she said no he said "my boy knows wher every tool is in my truck he every trip he makes out that door I would have to make and you would be paying me to go and get my tools, so you see this boy is saving YOU money"
    She was nice to me after that, matter of fact I even did some painting for her a few years ago when dad couldn't get to it.

    Being a biblical person I do belive what it says "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it" that meand more then just taking him to school and church.
    It means instilling a WORK ETHIC in them, and what is one of the biggest gripes on the board lack of good help.

    I know there are some that will disagree with me bit this is how I was brought up.

  10. stslawncare

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    age is just a number, its knowledge, having common sense, and ability that counts

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