Are these trees dying? (pics)

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Kurfer, Oct 23, 2008.

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    That is a lame excuse that justifies some of the worst planting scenarios that I have seen.

    A properly planted and PROPERLY watered bush of that size needs very little care from the homeowner. If it is a properly timed fall planting it would require ZERO care from the HO after the LCO has checked up on the 2nd day.

    I would like to hear what a properly planted potted bush, bareroot, t-plant or B&B would look like? What steps are essential to ENSURE success?

    That one picture looked like it wasn't even set in the ground straight. :laugh: Pay a drunk minimum wage to plant trees and shrubs, thats what you get.
    I had one expert in irrigation water a hillside of B&B by an extension of the lawn pop-up sprinklers. Those B&Bs were put in sand w/out water, mulched over with pine needles on a 45 degree angle slope.
    The idiot [I mean expert] didn't seem to have a clue that sprinklers or rain is NOT going to penetrate into the soil b4 running down the hill over a pine needle mat.
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    First of all, thanks for all the replies. Let’s not insult the installer just yet since there may be details I didn’t get into. I am just wondering about the health of these trees and whether I need to take action to protect or replace them.
    My backyard has an aggressive uphill slope, I love my house hate my yard. The entire project was done in July, the waterfall was installed/mulch/deck painted/shrubs/trees all done at the same time.
    I can honestly say that I don’t think my guy knows his trees, I can’t blame him too much because we had VERY little rain over the summer; everyone who did not have irrigation lost their yard. It was constant 99 degree sunny heat all summer long.
    Lesson learned, next year I put irrigation in the back yard. As far as timing, I wanted trees in the backyard but landscapers around me all claim to be over-booked all summer and getting someone in during spring is next to impossible. My guy is the owner of a new company, I knew I would be taking risks going into the install.
    As far as the trees, I am thinking about moving the weeping cherry tree to the top and moving the jap maple somewhere else. The location of the cherry tree is an aggressive uphill slop and I think it’s not getting enough water no matter how much I water it.
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    The title of this forum is commercial landscaping, not homeowner questions. Call your county extension agent and discuss it with him. Don't bother us again.
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    Wow you're a real tough guy. I bet you roll your cigarettes up in your sleeve.
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    WOW! That's harsh!
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    Were you the guy that did this poor install? Or did someone just take a dump in your cheerios this morning?
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    This is kinda irrelevant, but you have a really nice camera. That 1st pic could be an advertisement for Honda it's that good. And clear too.
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    I have had plenty of success planting all summer. The key is proper irrigation. What makes you think that any kind of plant material is better off in a black plastic container in the nursery than in the ground. Sure there are some scenerios that I would recomend that the customer wait it until fall. Mainly if I didn't think they would irrigate properly.
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    I will help any contractor on this forum but when homeowners come on to this forum acting like a contractor it does not help any of us. I told him to look to see if the buds were set and he didn'tknow what the meaning of that was. There are plenty of forums for him.

    By the way someone did dump in my cheerios the othe day when I looked at my 401k and it was down over 350,000.

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