Are they the same mower...?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Eastcoaster, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Eastcoaster

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    Sutech and the Billy Goat?
    VERY similar look.
    Both 33", 3 blade.
    Billy Goat's more dough than the Sutech.
    I have dealers for both in my area.
    Looking to 1/2 my mowing time (now have two young children, etc. ... you all know what I mean.) from my 21" Lawn Boy Gold Series (cast alu. deck).
    Mostly mulch but bag from time to time when yard becomes overly heavy.
    Will probably think about purchase of an Accelerator Alu. Bagger for the mower as well. (if BG or Sutech)

    Opinions? Thanks to you for taking a look and, hopefully, for the information.

    New Holland, PA
    (In the heard of Amish country)
  2. fishinpa

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    I just did a search for "sutech" in the post title only and came back with 27 posts. I'm sure if you let the search hit "the entire post" you'll get a bit more.

    The general consensus is not very good.

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