Are Walkers really worth the BIG money!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jusmowin, Oct 21, 2001.

  1. landscaper3

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    We run 3 Walker mowers 2 are 26EFI all have large 9.5 hoppers and all options. We also run Z-Masters and Walkbehinds. In any area the Walker is by far all our employees favorite and ours. Yes the z's are good but they lack the quick tight steering and mobility the Walkers have, they are also the best at spring and fall cleanups, we can fit 4 Walkers on a 18' trailer without lifting the decks up! and you can lift the deck up in 10seconds for cleaning, servicing and blade changes take only minutes.You can switch from a 42" to a 62" deck in minutes!!!! If you have open -open areas a z will out do it but for DETAIL-DETAIL and tight areas its the best!
  2. 65hoss

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    I wouldn't mind a good used Walker for cleanups and leaves. The ultravac does good, but for big jobs and more leaf jobs I wouldn't mind adding one in the next year or so to my outfit. I would never pay for a new one, mostly because I wouldn't use it during the cutting season. A good used one would work well for me.
  3. scottlawns

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    i bought a 20hp GHs a month ago and just used it the last two days for clean ups...i like to cut with danes,but for the clean ups this thing is the best,i may be nutts but i will probally just use this for clean ups and in my opinion i love it,and think once i get use to driving it maybe then ill get a discharge deck and yse it more often.
  4. iski3d

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    Buy an Exmark Lazer 60" liquid cooled 27hp kawi with the vac..about same price as walker..more power..bigger cut..faster..more profit!
  5. kutnkru

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    If your going to invest the buck with the 60" go for the eXmark Lazer Z XP with the B/S Daihatsu 31hp gas (58.1 cu in) w/ electric start for a couple hundred more. :D

  6. Mowingman

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    I have a Walker 20hp/42" GHS. This machine is worth every penny I paid for it. With one helper,we can do 24 lawns/day using the Walker. The 21" trim mower almost never comes off the trailer. These are 10000-12000sq.ft. lots with a 2000-2400sq.ft. house on them. Try this in 100 degree heat with a wb.
    Walkers are NOT high maint. machines. Mine is 3 years old and has never had a breakdown.
    I have a 42" mulching deck also. The ghs is great in the spring and fall for scalping Bermuda and leaf cleanups. I use the mulching deck during the middle of the season, but it only takes 5 min. to change decks if I need to.
    I have several ZTR's for big properties, but the Walker goes on the trailer every day. The walker is a great machine in my opinion!
  7. RMDoyon

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    What is your opinion of the 42" mulching deck?

    Iam less than impressed by the 52" mulching performance on Fescue and would like a smaller deck for everyday use on some of my smaller properties.

    Unfortunately I have been spoiled by the eXmark Micromulch on my 48" WB.

  8. Mowingman

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    I like the cut the 42" mulching deck gives me. I use it on Bermuda and St. Aug. lawns. It does a good job in all types of conditions, but I do have to slow down some it real thick, wet St. Aug. grass. You need to keep really sharp blades on it to get a good mulch job. The lower blade can be run dull, but the top blade needs to be kept good and sharp. I usually change blades weekly. I really like the 42" deck, as I can get it through most backyard gates around here.:D
  9. Mowman

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    I run a Walker MTSD w/ 52" deck. I'm running the double blade set-up and love it. No double cutting and it really tears up the leaves. It's not the FASTEST machine out their but for residential and small commercial lawns this is the mower to have. Most of the trimming is done with the Walker. As for the GHS system I would maybe only use it in the spring and fall for really HEAVY leaves. I bought mine used and have had nothing but good luck with it. It had 581 hr's on it when I got it. This is my 2nd season using it and I'm about to turn up 1000 hr's on her. The 20HP Kolher is running just fine. Since switching her to Mobil 1 10w30w she uses no oil inbetween the 100 hr service. When I wear this one out their will be another Walker just like it in the garage. Price for a new one is $8900. I really can't see the extra $$$ for the 26EFI. Maybe by the time I'm ready for a new one the 20 will come with EFI. If you only going to bag in the spring and fall do like I do, rent a GHS for the times you need one and run the SD the rest of the time. Good Luck with whatever you decide.

    P.S. I bought it from Rodney Johns a fellow lawnsite member. He also has GOOD USED GHS models.
  10. sheppard

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    I tried one on my worst yard. 'Bout an acre and a half, full of exposed tree roots and is one continuous slope! The bagger made this yard look incredible. I was not prepared to have this make this much difference. The only negative is that Walker only makes a 48 " bagger- for the price they are asking I will have to do some serious thinking. It cannot be my primary production mower because I have several accouts with fenced back yards.

    Still thinking.



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