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Are we professionals?


LawnSite Member
I was reading through the archives and there was a member that did an impeccable job with his striping achievements. I noticed that he stated that there was a professional that did the property next to one that he did and he pointed out that his stripes were more visible. I would consider that member to be a professional as well. What constitutes an individual to be a professional in this industry?


LawnSite Senior Member
If you get paid to do any type of job, you are a professional in that field. Obviously, some will be better than others.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Here is the dictionary's definition of professional

1. Of, relating to, engaged in, or suitable for a profession: lawyers, doctors, and other professional people.
2. Conforming to the standards of a profession: professional behavior.
2. Engaging in a given activity as a source of livelihood or as a career: a professional writer.
3. Performed by persons receiving pay: professional football.
4. Having or showing great skill; expert: a professional repair job.


1. A person following a profession, especially a learned profession.
2. One who earns a living in a given or implied occupation: hired a professional to decorate the house.
3. A skilled practitioner; an expert.

So,if you're receiving pay for your services,that is one definition of a pro.
If mowing is your livelihood,you are a pro.
If you have great skill and cut better than the average joe,you are a pro.
If you've studied various topics in this industry,you are a pro.
Another thing I think makes one a pro in any business is to seperate yourself from others in that business.You can be a good football player,but not be a pro football player.The pros went that extra mile to achieve professional status.Same with us.If you go the extra mile,more than those around you,then you're a pro. JMHO...