Are You a Landscaper or a Business Owner?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Sean Adams, Jan 14, 2013.

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    That is true of any job... What if I can't work at the factory for 6 weeks... I just went through a Summer in which I couldn't work for about 2 months... The wife was able to do her job, but the heat is becoming too much for me... that is why partial retirement is eminent...

    The fact that people hate this kind of work is funny to me... the reason no one cares about excellence is becuz no one cares about the work or the client... justa good enough reputation to get paid alot... if I wanted to spend my days in an office pushing pencils I wouldn't do it while worrying about my landscaping business...

    People bring way too much stress on themselves... :)
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    Cuts into the beer time???
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    Great post Sean! I too am a solo operator, and it's tough to try and shuffle between business owner and landscaper. I feel like I spend the winter being straight out business owner, trying to market the business and prep for next year. And then I spend the spring, summer and fall running the operation. Some very good points you make, and I am going to try and work on improving that this year!
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    Check out the new thread I just posted about transitioning from the field into the office....
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    Very well said. Great insight.
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