Are you a Mac or a PC?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tradeyouraccounts, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. cgaengineer

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    My Windows PC boots in about 30 too and is ready to go...I use suspend and reboot once per month.
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  2. Lawncutting27

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    I like PCs because they are cheap and more powerful and run all the programs and games. Plus I can interchange all the parts with better and better hardware. I think Macs are over priced crapware that can't run any programs or games. In fact, I used to clean the windows at a mac store, I worked out that I could build a PC for half the price that is twice as powerful then a mac. The only reason macs are becoming more popular is because they are copying windows more and more. I understand one of the most popular programs on a mac is that duel boot so you can have windows on a mac, LOL.

    Btw, there are viruses for Macs, but no one writes them because they are only 3-5% of the market place. So if you want to cause **** you write viruses for the 90% of the market.
  3. DollarSign

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    Overpriced a$$. It's just like hiring a landscape contractor vs a lawn jockey, you get what you pay for! And if I wanna play games I have an xbox. Much more fun to play and playing games on computers is for nerds.
  4. Lawncutting27

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    Xboxes are for baby sitting the kids. At least you can distinguish between a computer and a Mac.

    Tell you what, Name One productive thing a mac can do that a computer running windows can't? I have adobe creative suite cs5, which includes photoshop, dreamweaver, illustrator. It used to be that "Artists" and Printers would only use the mac but now every printer has more Pcs then Macs.

    This is funny, it's what PC users can do that Mac users can't
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  5. RandallM

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    Not going to get involved in the feces fight. I have both but I love my Macbook Pro. I've run my quickbooks application on the windows desktop the last couple of years, but will switch over to the mac in the near future since I need to upgrade anyway. The real question is Droid or iphone? :)
  6. cgaengineer

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    How about this, I have my Mac min setup on my Samsung with HDMI cable...did you know that the most powerful OS in the world cannot globally change font sizes without effecting the overall screen resolution...Windows XP can do that, along with Vista, Win7. So the mini as a media center is dumb...I am left to zoom the screen using ctrl+mouse roller so I can see it.
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  7. tradeyouraccounts

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    Not got familiar with a droid yet but completely happy with my Iphone 4 and now that its available on verizon maybe AT&T will lower there rates. I did play around with an Ipad today and really liked it although i cant see it taking place of my macbook as i like the qwerty keyboard but the ipad would be could for traveling and reading ebooks. Who's got an Ipad and whats the good bad and the ugly on them?
  8. knox gsl

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    I own 4 PCs 2 running XP, 1 running Vista, and 1 running Windows 7. I'm also on my second Droid phone and love them. I think the whole mac and "I" thing is a fad that's got out off hand. A PC will do everything a mac will for half the cost, and have you ever seen a PC run a dual opperating system with mac software, nope, not need to.
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  9. eco.lawns

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    Such as? I have been on a mac for the past 8 years and I've never found a program i wanted that couldnt been run on a mac. I dont play games tho because Im not 12

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