are you a sub for USM aka US maintenance

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mowman00, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. mowman00

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    Hi I'm new to forums and was looking for some information, not sure where is the best place to post this question. Neat site by the way.

    I was wondering if anyone here was a subcontractor doing maintenance work for USM or US maintenance. FYI USM is a company that handles national accts then finds local companies to do the maintenance. and I don't advise getting involved with them until you understand all the fine print.

    Anyway our company has been involved with them for a few years and we have experienced slow pay and other problems related to this company. I was wonder who else sub for them and if you too have had a lot of hoops you to go through to get invoice approved and paid and other general frustrations.
  2. cg1

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    I asked them to stop calling us because for years they would send us bids and NADA. All they wanted was a cost per square foot for mowing and I felt as if they were using me to help them compile data only on their properties and that the contracts were going to predetermined contractors. Maybe I'm wrong but that was the gut feeling after dealing with them so long.
  3. madisonpressurewashing

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    I have!! They hooked me up with a job or two. I have had the same troubles.
  4. Tony Clifton

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    What do you consider slow paying? Are they ever actually late paying - per their contract?---aren't they like net 60 or something?
    Have you tried the early pay option?
  5. TroutBum

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    We do mowing and maint. for them at a couple sites. They were fine for the first few months. Now they are ALWAYS late to pay. Ask the folks over at about USM.
  6. madisonpressurewashing

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    They are over 9 mounths late with me.
  7. ncls

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    I plow and cut 2 Best Buys for them. I call the account rep 3 days before the checks are to be made out, to remind him. He checks on them, and 5-6 days later, it's payday. I guess it all depends on the account rep.

    Their policy is 37 days to process an invoice. Check in 40. Invoices dated March 1, are received by April 10.

    They do have strict paperwork policies, and call in procedures that you have to follow, or you won't get paid. They are just covering their butts to the companies.

    I also do a lot sweep for them. That one is notoriously late with payments. It's not much per month, so I don't always follow up. The checks come, but slower.
  8. richard1103

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    they want to keep 4% of your pay after they pay you 10k . now they want to keep 10% .no way jose

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