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Fellow Contractors:
Are you tired of working hard, doing a good job and then having to spend just as much time collecting your money? Are you tired of working for some one and not getting paid, just to find out a few months later that the same thing happened to a contractor across town by the same customer? Well I am- so I did something about it!
I always said that we should have a black book for customers- people that just go through the yellow pages and call the next contractor in line once one of us has discontinued services because they are 60 days past due. I always said we should get together as a massive group and take back some of the power the lawmakers and the consumers have taken away from us to get paid as agreed without the headaches and stress that I'm sure we have all been through.
Well with the help of several lawyers, and a few other professionals I was able to create a legal way for us to do this- and at a very affordable price!
Check out the web site and let me know what you think, or let us know about your late pay problems to see if we can help you out!

Let me know how we can help!
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