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    I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my company

    We provide an online payment solution for lawn and landscape providers, allowing your clients to pay their invoices with their credit, or debit cards.

    To see what we are all about please visit

    If interested in signing up use promo code lawnsite2011 and sign up for only $39. That’s 50% off the normal price!

    If you have any questions please feel free to post here or email me. I am happy to be apart of this community and look forward to talking with everyone.
  2. Lefet

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    Welcome to LS. I may be mistaken but it appears you are targeting those WITHOUT their own website?

    "Bottom Line!

    This service saves you thousands of dollars because there is no need for you to hire another company to design a website and program a payment page, pay for a domain name each year, pay for the hosting of your website, and pay for the numerous monthly fees associated with credit card processing charged by other companies."

    Also, why only one payment at the end of the week?
  3. OP
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    Hello Lefet, thanks!

    LandscapePayments is for those with, or without their own website. We will give you a dedicated page at (example: If you have your own website you can include a link to direct your clients to your payment page.
  4. OP
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    Sorry I missed your last question at the end.

    (Also, why only one payment at the end of the week?)

    Your payments usually take two business days to clear and post. So we will deliver your payments as a whole at the end of each week.

    If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me.

  5. Richard Martin

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    So let me get this straight. You charge the LCO 2.3% plus $0.25 and then you tack an extra 3% "convenience" onto each invoice for a total of 5.3% plus $0.25? Plus an extra $9.95 a month for maintenance?
  6. OP
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    Hi Richard,

    We charge 2.3% + $0.25 per transaction to the landscape company. These are fees we have to pass along to the credit card networks and card issuing banks.

    We charge a once a month $9.95 statement fee to the landscape company for the statement we send and for the maintenance of the account.

    The 3% convenience fee is charged to your customer. So if your customer has a $100 invoice they will pay $103. This is how we make our money. The 3% is not charged to you.

    I think you will find that the fees we charge are extremely competitive. And we automatically provide you the means of accepting credit cards. If you have a cc terminal there are typically yearly fees associated with it, from other companies, and you have to manually enter each transaction. We are trying to save you time and money and get you your money faster.

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to post or contact me.

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    how do we know we can trust you? and you wont just take all the money and run to mexico?
  8. OP
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    Hello TheGoldPro,

    It is a very valid question and I appreciate you asking. It is in both of our best interests that you receive your money and we have built in numerous checks and balances to ensure you do.

    You will receive instant emails every time your client makes a payment so you will know exactly how much you are going to receive.

    We have partnered with companies backed by Visa and Mastercard. If you don't receive your money, ultimately we won't receive our money and we will be out of business.

    We take fraud very seriously and comply with all rules and regulations established by the credit card networks.
  9. soduniforms

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    Welcome to the site! Your website looks good, and informative.
    Prices seem cheap compared to many cc merchants.
  10. Lefet

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    Thanks for the answers.

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